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    1. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      How to spot real or fake perfume? How to recognise if fragrance is authentic - Checking cologne authenticity

      In this short article I want to introduce some basic and advanced principles for verifying the authenticity of branded perfumes and fragrances.

      Perfumes and fragrances have been some of the most vulnerable products to be affected by counterfeiting. Modern digital imaging and printing techniques have made it possible to produce highly sophisticated knock-offs which are often identical replicas of the leading perfume brands. Though many fake fragrances are produced locally, many fake versions of famous perfumes are imported from places like the Middle East, Thailand, China and Turkey.

      Health Implications

      Fake or Counterfeit Perfumes are reported to contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful for the human body. Few reports have even detected traces of urine in fakes, as it is a common substitute for the proper stabilisers used in genuine fragrances. Some of the common side-effects caused by fake perfumes include headaches, sinus problems, rashes and itching, skin burns, respiratory problems and even infertility and cancer.

      Apart from posing serious health risks to users, fake perfumes reduce the margins of legitimate companies, and in turn result in a loss to the economy in terms of lower wages, lost jobs, less growth and lower budgets for R&D. Far worse, many a times the funds gathered through selling these fake items are used by criminal organisations for expediting their illegal activities like money-laundering and terrorism.

      How to recognise real perfumes from fake perfumes and colognes?

      Fragrance counterfeiters have mastered imitation. They are able to replicate the designer brand perfumes and their packaging with almost complete precision. However, compared to the designer brand fragrances, fake perfumes last for far less time, mostly an hour or two. The users may not discover they have bought a fake until they have applied the fragrance. Most of the times, the result becomes evident quite early on, with the smell not lasting beyond a couple of hours, or worse, a sudden outbreak of an allergic reaction. The result becomes even more evident in the due course of time as the product changes its physical form, breaking down and leaving an oily alcohol that does not smell good.

      How to spot if the fragrance is authentic Important Checkpoints

      Though fragrance counterfeiters do everything to make their product look like the exact authentic designer brand perfume, there are some subtle details that they often fail to match. It is recommended to do a bit of comparison - the physical appearance, design, scents, bar codes, packaging, pump quality etc. of the product, with the product sold in reputable stores.

      Some of the common red flags when buying perfume knock-offs include:
      • The bottle reads designer imposter or inspired by
      • Label not perfectly aligned on the bottle
      • Unreasonably low price / heavily discounted
      • Uneven consistency presence of floating bits etc.
      • Uneven colour, mottled, fragrance overly oily
      • Slightly different and sometimes an unpleasant/stale smell
      • No guarantee given on the originality of the scent
      • Inferior quality and spray mechanism, imperfections such as bubbles in the glass, loose crystals etc.
      • The fragrance wears off quickly
      • Presence of Trademarks at odd places
      • Misspellings or Country of origin missing
      • Appearance/accumulation of some foreign particles on shaking the bottle
      • Dubious packaging - a flimsy box, cap not fitting perfectly on the bottle, sprayer not matching with the stem etc.
      • Seller with imperfect feedback ratings
      When buying online, it is not possible to physically inspect the product; in such cases, it is wise to ask the seller for as many pictures as possible to verify the product from different angles. Also it is ideal to buy these items from suppliers that have consistently positive feedback on the online marketplaces and that offer reasonable prices and fair return policies.

      Despite trading standards' efforts to confiscate counterfeit items, the ill-trade continues unabated in many parts of the world. This brings the major chunk of the responsibility in the hands of common man who is advised to practice due diligence, measure logic at every step so that he buys good quality originals, and not the cheap knock-offs that bring some unwanted surprises!
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      lorrybutterfly (25 Dec 2012), ashwindesai (27 Apr 2016)

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      great post
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      This is the Service You Need.

    4. jacksonbird03 is offline

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      Hey very nice post, thank you for sharing.

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      Mar 2013
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      Really helpful post.

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