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      Are eBay wholesale lists worthwhile and reliable? - Best supplier databases review

      One of the most common questions that almost every new start up venturing on eBay asks is: "Where can I find a list of reliable product suppliers?"

      The quest for finding genuine suppliers has led to the emergence of paid wholesale lists. Most are years old, scraped from unreliable sources, containing unverified suppliers, and many of the links no longer work, all which can cost you significantly more than the pound or less you paid on eBay. This process is further inflated because many individuals feel that selling ‘wholesale lists’ is a good way to increase eBay feedback artificially and make some quick money at the expense of new eBay sellers' inexperience; however the contrary is true.

      If you want to succeed as a reseller you must first use sources that adopt a strict supplier verification process and that are updated constantly. By dealing with resources that verify their information first hand and that are constantly updated, you protect your business from several risks and increase your chances of succeeding.

      There are some well-known wholesale trade directories on the Internet that have passed the test of time and which have been invaluable to many start-ups over the years. Serving as comprehensive resources of verified suppliers for almost every conceivable product category, these trade portals have proven to be far more useful than any other wholesale list online. You can get firsthand information of reliable, legitimate wholesale companies and source stock without worrying about being ripped off or being sold counterfeit items. Following are the three largest online trade directories of verified wholesale trade suppliers and dropshippers:
      • eSources: eSources is the largest online directory of verified UK and international wholesale suppliers, distributors, dropshippers, importers and exporters. Spanning almost a decade, eSources has dedicated its work to unearthing the best wholesalers and drop shippers from around the world, so that both new and experienced traders can start selling successfully online immediately. To guarantee a successful start up for your online business eSources also offers a complete package with additional benefits including 1) unlimited free eCommerce websites with free hosting; 2) free eCourses on how to start a successful eBay business; 4) the eBay Business Handbook delivered free to your address; and 5) free eBay Market Research Credits.

      • Wholesale Deals: over 16,000+ live wholesale and drop ship deals to resell on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon at a profit, Wholesale Deals is ideal if you have a small budget but need to sell at a profit immediately. Wholesale Deals also offers access to over 100,000+ verified international Wholesale & Dropship Sources, as well as more than 16,000 Live Wholesale & Dropship Deals with average mark-ups of between 200-300%.

      • Worldwide Brands: If you want instant access to 8,000+ certified wholesalers and drop shippers and Market Research data for over 8 million products, all found in an easy-searchable database, then you should join Worldwide Brands. You will also receive a bonus of over 25 hours of Online Business Training videos and a Product Sourcing App for your mobile device or Smartphone.
      These directories can give you immediate access to the most up-to-date lists of trade suppliers, and also grant you access to premium information to help grow your business. You will save considerable time personally verifying suppliers as the directories have already done the hard work for you over years of research.

      So, whenever you come across the so-called ‘Best Wholesale List!’, watch out for the facts, the prices and ‘too good to be true’ deals, for chances are that you could get some outdated or incomplete information for companies selling substandard products, counterfeit goods, or worse no goods at all.
      Want To Be An eBay Powerseller?
      This is the Service You Need.

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      StockLines Manchester (03 Mar 2014)

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