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    1. tommygodxx's Avatar
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      Nov 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Just for clarification.. selling fake anything is not about getting caught or getting a bad review on Ebay. Its about being a disgusting piece of crap.I mean I would hate to get tricked but I cant simply turn around and try to off-load this stuff on my customers.What the heck are you guys saying, some of you (not all) are implying that it's OK to sell fake things to others as long as you don't get caught..remember ..this is BAD and if you do this YOU are BAD.There is no other to look at it.

    2. nicole.ran is offline

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      Feb 2012
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      First: You can test the speed, always the real one will faster than fake one.
      Second: Copy a file to your card, then open it, edit, save. if it works, that's real
      Third: compare the price, if much cheaper than your last offer. you'd better don't think that's a real card.

      Kind regards,


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