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    1. Winboss is offline

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      Feb 2013
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      Durable NBR Rubber Foams Manufacturer - New Wholesale Forum Advertiser

      Winboss is the no. 1 manufacturer of NBR rubber foams in Asia. NBR rubber foams are high-end hybrid materials, far superior to the usual PE, EVA in shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, flotation, acoustic absorption, environmental friendly etc usage.

      Winboss NBR rubber foams are more durable than the competing PU products that slowly decompose when they are exposed to water. Winboss NBR rubber foams are highly resistant against chemicals and oils as well as against temperature extremes. We produce them without using ozone layer destroying CFCs and further enhance them in our own R&D laboratory.

      Winboss has been awarded the ISO-9001 quality system approval as well as quite wide range of approvals: UL, CEN, TÜV. All of Winboss foams can be fabricated in many ways using conventional machines and equipment by cutting, die-cutting, adhesive bonding, sewing, stitching etc.

      Winboss has been manufacturing NBR/PVC foams since the 1980s. In 30 years of technical experience Winboss has become renowned as a leading, professional manufacturer of NBR/PVC foam products suitable for various industrial uses and a main sporting goods supplier in the international market.

      With the strong back-up of technical specialization and market planning Winboss has kept steadily growing since its start business. The growth rate has been around 20% annually. Even in case of an economic downturn Winboss can always outperform its competitors both in sales records and its product quality. And, we have a long history in export sales, which nearly average 75% of our total sales annually.

      Winboss has been granted international approvals and some awards which are listed below. These approvals demonstrate our excellent manufacturing ability and the assurance of quality and safety of our products.

      Certificates Winboss Awarded
      •OHSAS 18001
      •Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

      Approval Winboss Foam Products Granted
      •UL Approval
      •CCG Approval
      •EN ISO 12402-7 Approval
      •FMVSS 302, 571 Approval
      •UL 94
      •EN 1621 Approval
      •CFC Compounds Free
      •Latex Free
      •PAHS Pass
      •RoHS Pass
      •Latex Free

      Winboss is transforming its role as a professional manufacturer into the role as an industry innovator. We hold the vision to be the world leading company, not only in producing the best products, but also in educating customers in choosing the right products for their needs. And, that is the reason why Winboss is positioned to take on every challenge that will bring the company to the very top.
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      Mar 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Hello Winboss,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      Congratulations on becoming our latest advertiser. Please feel free to post your offers in the most relevant Wholesale Forum categories. Here are some suggestions based on your profile:For any questions, you can reply live to this message or send us a private message.

      Enjoy your stay with us
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