I had 2 orders (both of them Smartphones, total value approx. $320) from them. These orders were something different as it turned out after a couple of days. When I got the tracking numbers, they did not look like, they did before. I figured out, that the parcels were not given up at the Deutsche Post as always before (this was the free shipping option, and it worked very well for me), they were given up at China Post instead. The management, or administration forgot to inform their customers, that the free Deutsche Post shipping has changed to China Post, and Deutsche Post service became a taxed service (about $2-4 for one parcel).

The former 8-14 working days shipping time changed to 30 working days, and one of the parcels arrived. Time has gone by, and the other one didn't look like to arrive. I contacted them, by the time about 10 times, every time the same "solution": wait a few more days, please" or "wait another 2 weeks pols'" blah-blah. I waited 3 months, just as a guy wrote it under my comment.

You must know (to fully understand my story with them), that I spent $1750 at Tinydeal, which is quite a lot of money as a single customer, I think. Additional information for this is, that their customer support (I mean both in emails and the live chat) is terribly unusable. If they cannot answer (besides their English is equal to a newborn child) to a question, then they keep telling the same irrelevant until the end of the chat, or the end of the customers' patience. I AM a patient man, and I stand up for my rights, and my money.

So end of November came, and I started to think, that my money is lost in the ether. One evening, the usual evening's Chinese-chat was different. The package has been sent back to them because of incorrect shipping address. They offered me:
1.) Resend the product with a new shipping method for free
2.) Fully refund the item's price in affiliate points, which I could use for purchasing on the site
3.) Refund 90% of the money to my Paypal account

As every sane person, I wanted a full refund to my Paypal account, after 3 months of scamming. They said it's not possible because they had a shipping fee, and handling fee, which is 10% of the item's price. I made myself so angry, that I could barely control my words written to them. How could a big company be this MEAN, that after a never-arriving parcel, (which was their mistake) they only offer me 90% of my original money sum? Why am I the one, who should pay the shipping fee, and some trumped handling fee? As every normal webshop, it should be their responsibility, to deal with their own mistakes, but no, they devolved that to the customer. My only choice was the affiliate points thing. I decided to make one last order, with which I could use up all my points, and leave TD forever. There gave no customers for me, whom I could buy anything, so the points were still on my account on December 20th.

I didn't really know, what to do. I tried speaking with the support again. After several tries a guy named "Sam" told me, that he'll talk to his manager to redirect my affiliate points to my Paypal account. This was my big possibility, to finally have my points in real money. Of course, there was no money, because I received no e-mail, as promised.

I pulled myself together for one last attack. This was my so-called victory. I swore them to God, I will write this review, and post it everywhere I can, if they don't give me back my points in real money in 3 days. I had spoken with 4, repeat FOUR, support representatives in ONE chat session, because they couldn't do anything with me. One sent me to another from time to time. I wrote down my problem and my intimidation 4 times until it worked. Finally, I was in charge. They also tried to bargain me ( how about a refund you 95%?"...), but I told them, they have 3 days, including 2 holidays. Even I didn't think it was possible, but this was the "only way". I didn't believe my eyes, when on the third day (Monday) SOME money was there, on my account. The thing is, even this way they only refunded about 95%. Now comes some instructive information again:

- A refund is available only for 60 days. After that it is considered as a simple money transfer between Paypal accounts. At these transfers the sender has the possibility to decide who has to pay the transaction taxes, which are 3.4% of the price + 90 HUF (equal to approx. $0.40). They decided, I should pay it, as all of this was my fault. This costed me $8.06. This is, where we stand now. After this I tried getting back that few dollars, but I couldn't. Not for that $8.06, I wouldn't die for it. Just to take everything back, and "be victorious over TinyDeal".
- Do not buy from them.
- Do not be afraid to use hard words. Feel free to do it, they are just a bunch of scumbag, I tell you.
- Do not make the same mistake, I did. INVOLVE PAYPAL until your 45 days are gone. If the order isn't older than 45 days, then Paypal will cover your back. Starting date is the payment transactions exact date.
- Customer support is truly unusable both via email, and via online chat (and I mean this)
- They are far the most mean Chinese company I've ever met. They only bring down the reputation of other Chinese cities.
- Be prepared not to get back your money 1.) for months 2.) ever

Every word of my review is true. I swear, this is the worst bunch Chinese guys, I've ever met. If you want better for yourself, you WILL NOT BUY from them. Buy from wherever you want, but save your money, and sanity, and DO NOT BUY FROM TINYDEAL.