My name Is Jorge Garcia and I am new here.

I am interested in buying spinners from a supplier, but I am unsure of how trustworthy she is. A little check-up revealed their site to be a scam. However, I am still willing to give it a try, if enough trust is built. I am interested in knowing, how can you tell from a quick look, that a supplier is inconsistent? Apart from voice calls and Whatsapp messages, I have also contacted this person via video call over Skype and can confirm that she is the person she claims to be (Lili Xu).

She has also provided a casual photo of herself in the beach, a photo ID proof (though I can't read the contents), an 11 seconds video clip of her "factory" and a screenshot of her PayPal account, showing two of her buyers. One of the buyers was Mexican and she sent me his address, phone number and DHL tracking number, to verify her credibility.

I called the 'Mexican buyer' and he did answer. His address is real, the two phone numbers (cell phone and home landline) are from different states - which isn't too unusual in Mexico. The cellphone I called on, had its Lada number belonging to the state of Guerrero - #1 in extortion and other crimes. He agreed to confirm me after he receives his shipment.

I am really skeptical about this and feel that this "buyer" is linked with the Chinese supplier in some way, to win my trust.