Don’t buy at Jack telecom or Shenzhen Excellent E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

The first time I ordered iPad and iPhone screens with this company they send me good original/A-quality screens, but after 2 good shipments they suddenly sent me very bad fragile iPad screens and iPhone screens with fragile frames and not working proximity sensors. They promise me good ones at the next order and again they send me very bad stuff. Now again they promise me good screens in the next order, but each next order they raise their shipping cost as much as the price of screens, they owned me as warranty so I pay again for my own warranty screens.

So now I have 13 very bad useless iPad screens at $20.00 and a few placed on iPads from my customers and a lot of work to make the iPhone screens work correctly.

They offered me 2 screens in 3 shipments but raise their shipping cost to $40.00 !!

They know the problem, also with other customers but won’t do anything to solve the problem at their cost !

Their last words were : “you seem unhappy and be not satisfied with us all the time. It's really hard to work together.”