I was looking for a way to make money from home and started a drop shipping business from an online company called Dropshippers.com

First off: STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

I will tell you why:

I started in June and paid a starting fee of $199 for both website and ebay store and it took them months to set it up, they had all kinds of server issues and I was quite concerned.

After they finally got me a web site I started selling merchandise like crazy because it was near the Holiday rush in late October. I ran the website and ebay store through a week before Christmas when I quit. And I will tell you why I quit.

I sold items over $10,000.00 in merchandise didn't ever get shipped and I had to refund them their money. Now being the site wasn't working well, I had many orders where the customer paid me and then I logged onto the Dropshippersropshippers catalog and bought the items for the customer at the wholesale price to be shipped to them. Then the dropshipper was to cut me a check for the profit difference. Well man, why many times the merchandise never got delivered and I had to refund the customer out my pocket!! Yeah, my savings! I was so mad I called and called and called, left message after message after message for weeks. They screened my calls and eventually I couldn't get them. By the end of the 6 months I did dropshipping I heard every excuse in the book. They are really good at pulling the wool over your eyes and telling you a bunch of BS! Then when you call back they ignore your calls, no answering service either. I even gave the numbers to my customers to bug them and they got the same thing.

In the end they owed me over $4000, 00 in profit and they never credited my refunds.

They scammed me and took my profits and I lost my savings refunding customers who never got their merchandise.

I felt so bad for the customers because they trusted me to send what they paid for. Ebay was on my case. Paypal. I had to hire a lawyer. When the business never showed up to court I won my case but the droppers.com web site was gone. There was no way to get my money or anything because they abolished the company and it no longer existed. So even though I won my case I got nothing except $1,000 more out of my pocket in lawyer fees!

After 2 years I just logged on and thought I would see if there was a dropshippers.com up and running again. To my surprise, YES!

I am not going to pursue it any further and chalk it up to a huge lesson learned. My goal is to spread the word to save all you thinking of doing this.

They are a middle man for Amazon and other companies like that. They don't warehouse any merchandise. You pay them and they put the orders into the companies at a slightly reduced rate. Some packages I got from dropshippers.com were in the Amazon.com boxes!

The customers that got merchandise from me it took up to a month for them to get it on many occasions. Very nerve racking!

The only right way to sell merchandise is to be your own business for a company. Which means taxes, licenses, likely a store front is required and a minimum amount of merchandise must me purchase from the manufacturer. A bank loan to start up too. Also you must maintain a certain amount in sales every year to continue the contract with that manufacturer.

Because it's so difficult to accomplish all that people turn to drop shippers.



Stay away from DROPSHIPPERS.COM!!!

I even bought merchandise from China to sell on ebay and the shipping was so high and the merchandise ended up being copies of Name Brand and the were poorly made. It's illegal to sell fake, copyrighted merchandise. They don't care once you give them money you won't see it again. I even got some of the merchandise that came with holes in the material, color was not as pictured in their catalog. Never got a refund. Shipping to China is so expensive, it wasn't worth it to send back.