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    1. be defraud is offline

      Join Date
      May 2013
      0 Times in 0 Posts

      Designerliquidations.com Scam Report - What actions to be taken against such fraud company?

      I believe I got defraud by Kurt blaydorn Designer Liquidations Lots Page - Apparel Off Price Provider. It was very horrible and worse ever shopping experience. On Oct, 2012 I purchased $5178.42 for Michel Kors handbag from website Designer Liquidations Lots Page - Apparel Off Price Provider. Payment was paid by the bank via wire payment. Kurt Blaydorn is only one seller and owner of that site. I never get the merchandise nor the payment is refunded to me from Kurt Blaydorn.

      I was looking for buying authentic brand handbag lot for Christmas gift. During the searching period, I heard that kurt blaydorn the owner of Designer Liquidations Lots Page - Apparel Off Price Provider has over 5 year business experience. So, I contact the phone number 866-567-8989 which was displaying on their shopping site.

      They told me that order will be delivered after 10 days of payment, I thought they have merchandise in the US stock from Macy's return apartment. After few phones chatting and little email go and forward. I submitted the payment on Oct 2012. The site has requested for wire transfer payment only. After 10 days, I did not receive the merchandise from sellers. I asked to them and they replied that the handbag they have order from someone in Italy first and ship to his warehouse, after he inspected the merchandise to me. But the shipment has problem, so the handbag cannot be deliver. Again they said the shipment can’t go through on customs of Italy and returned to his supplier in Italy. So he did not have the merchandise to sell and ship to me. After 10 more days, I asked them for refund. I still did not receive anything neither merchandise nor payment. I again asked for refund, they said that they are dealing with their supplier and give refund soon.

      After waiting for few more days I emailed them and asked for a deadline for payment refund. They said 1 week. Its been months and more but nothing appears. We warned Kurt Blaydorn if I didn’t get refund, I’ll write review for our business experience online to aware people and claim to police. They said reporting police is threat and later they sent me a agreement, in the agreement written that I am agreed to not writing any negative feedback about our experience, if we do. We are responsible for the lawyer or any cost if cause this matter. In that agreement, they doesn’t mention any refund deadline. I asked lawyer, he said that it is not legal contract, the contract is seller offer something and asked buyer agree something. But this agreement it only for seller ask us to do something for him, not sure these guys are fool or think people are fool. Of course, we refused to sign such agreement and I am getting upset. This guy tried to set up, so we can shut up the mouth. Till now, we got Nothing refund. They did call us explain what happened, it is lots excuse such like they met some business problems or they have no money, no merchandise even a replacement. Latest update that I got about them is that they are going to sell their website and get some funds so that they will be able to refund money to us after 1 week.

      We patience to wait another week, again nothing. I contacted them but no response. Till 2013 May, I did not get any refund. I have emailed them over 100 but Kurt Blaydorn tried to play around. This is why took 6 month I was waiting, gave him a chance and time to fix. I have contacted the owner of kurt blaydorn for over 100 email. After excuse and refund delay, I realized I am defraud.

      I warned the seller if I did not get refund merchandise, I will report it to police, the seller kurt blaydorn said I threatened him. The seller said he will help me to get refund money if I write review online, but I know that he won’t help me. This guy took over $5000 from me and still saying “help me”.

      The seller sent us an illegal agreement tried to fool me sign the agreement, so we cannot free to write our worse experience, he did very bad thing, such non deliver merchandise and tried hard to get customers shut up, he shall tried hard refund the payment.

      I wrote the review on yelp.com but the seller kurt blaydorn wrote other review, he signed up as other customers rating his own business 5 star and cook up a false story saying I tried to get free item from them and I asked them do dropship replica channel bag. It is ridiculous and crazy lie.

      I never asked him to do this, don’t know how he can have such idea. I think these guys are getting sick lie about anything. I saw it is dishonest and I won’t believe they can refund money even after selling their site.

      I asked my lawyer, as customers it is my right to write my review and feedback for my real experience. If these guys have money to sue customers, why not use the money refund the customers that they took it over $5000 for 6 months? And, other funny things is, currently they replied me another email writing "now this site is new owner, to ex-customer, sorry about the issue but not my business."

      Now what do you think about Kurt blaydorn? I am reporting him to police, hope they can catch him ASAP.
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    2. designerliquid is offline

      Join Date
      Jun 2013
      United States
      United States
      0 Times in 0 Posts

      Emily Lee and Randy Hui Have Been Attempting to Extort Refund of Purchased Goods Since Late 2012

      Please refer to following link regarding the circumstances surrounding these parties, and their attempts to extort unreasonable refund payments from us under threat of negative online reviews.

      Our business was operating successfully for eight (8) years, however we have recently decided to close as a result of changing environment and greater difficulty in importing branded luxury goods from Europe.

      Ms. Lee and Mr. Hui were unsatisfied with a late delivery coming out of customs, which we offered a very fair resolution on, but have seen essentially nothing except personal attacks in a very distasteful campaign to extract funds from us. We are presently taking legal action for libel and defamation.

      Ripoff Report | Emily Lee and Randy Hui Complaint Review San Jose, California: 1053101
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