Start with the fact that I worked with codeswholesale.com recently. I bought them in a deal 13 * XBOX LIVE GOLD membership 1 month, in the description stated that these codes worldwide. But after sales of the first codes, I received complaints from clients that the codes do not work in Russia and the CIS. All of them received the error: ‘XbosPurchase’.

I decided to personally verify this information. The first contact to Microsoft failed. Support team of Codeswholesale refused to return the money, for a product which does not match the description. They said that I should get all the information from Microsoft. After repeated calls to Microsoft, I finally found that the error XbosPurchase is associated with a region of activation or lack of address for billing, but as the address has been specified, the problem remained only in the region.

I sent all this information to Codeswholesale Support, but they refused to refund my money, saying that they would not return for allegedly working codes.

From this situation I want to conclude that the Codeswholesale Support is very good in maintaining this scam supplier. Under any circumstances, they will not do refunds. In the end, I lost over 100 Euros and many hours of my time.

What do you think about this? How can I make them to return my money for the goods that do not match the description?