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    1. manton is offline

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      Nov 2010
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      Aliexpress.com VS Dhgate.com


      I have been reading the forum and I want to thank everyone who has offered advices and knowledge for beginners.

      I want to ask if you have used Aliexpress.com and/or Dhgate.com and if you consider them legitimate.

      Are there any other similar websites for me to check?

      And above all, do you recommend this kind of online wholesale buying for a newbie reseller?
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    2. WholesaleForum's Avatar
      WholesaleForum is offline

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      Sep 2009
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      United States
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      Both are good for ordering small quantities of unbranded goods.

      If however you are after authentic branded merchandise, try esources
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    3. Thank you for this post:

      dww65 (02 Jul 2011)

    4. benschiltz is offline

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      Mar 2011
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      I got scammed on DHgate.com so buy at your own risk. I have filed fraud case with my credit card company. So I don't know if I will ever trust China suppliers. My fault for trusting them in the first place but just a learning experience that I hope you can learn from my mistake. I just went ahead and contacted Kington, Panasonic etc.. That is if you want to resell the branded stuff otherwise the no name junk that China sells is as advertised in most cases. Well anyways, lesson learned!

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