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    1. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      Mar 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Trading at UK Music Festivals – Insights & Best Practices on What & How to Sell

      There has been a consistent rise in the number of music festivals taking place in the UK over the past few years. Hundreds of music festivals, covering various genres and of varying size, are held during the summer months at various farm lands in the countryside. Apart from providing a wonderful space for a range of live acts performed over a period of few days, these sites also serve to pitch tents, food stalls, various entertainment facilities other than music, a variety of stalls selling all kinds of striking goods, and more. Traders come here for networking and developing new business relationships, launching and demonstrating their products, learning and discussing trends within the industry etc.

      Some of the most popular music festivals in the UK include:
      • Glastonbury Music Festival
      • Reading Music Festival.
      • Leeds Music Festival
      • The Isle of Wight Festival
      • T in the Park
      • Big Chill Festival
      • Wychwood Music Festival
      For many consumers, the idea of attending a music festival appears exciting. They are willing to travel long distances to attend a music show or concert and are ready to shell out additional money in the local markets. Apart from purchasing products that fulfill their basic needs like food and camping, they also look out for exclusive products and services, things they find innovative or exceptionally attractive. This is the reason you should already be on the lookout for the best ‘Festival Merchandise’ to sell and profit from.

      Trading at music festivals can also be expensive and may not be right for everyone. Preparation and planning are crucial when attempting to sell anything at a music festival. A few insights on what and how to trade for acquiring success during music festivals include:
      • Do a careful survey of what other vendors have sold at previous events and how. Figure out which items are currently in demand and which particular product is not being offered by any other vendor currently
      • Consider becoming a specialist shop, there may be more scope to making inroads when offering something new and specialised
      • Opt for a product (to sell) that can be procured for a low price, but which people tend to consume and therefore run out of, or forget during festivals
      • Verify that you meet the event's vendor requirements; each music festival, be it large or small, has its own vendor requirements, registration rules, prices, and access levels
      • Review the vendor map and try to pick an area with a lot of foot traffic
      • Check for overheads, for example, the costs involved when hiring staff/helpers, power supplies needed in the stall etc.
      • Acquire some knowledge about the bands performing, to start a good conversation with potential customers and sell complementary products.
      Some of the most recommended ‘hot stuff’ that sells well during these music festivals includes:
      • Current Band & Character T-Shirts – Tees with images of the bands performing at the festival
      • Food – Sausages, Pizzas, Fish and chips, Roast beef, Pudding, Grilled food like Fajitas, Burritos, grilled cheese, etc.
      • Liquor drinks – A good variety of local craft beers
      • Camping supplies and basic toiletries
      • Accessories – Silly hats, sunglasses, glow bands, umbrellas, sun block, flashlights, lighters, glowsticks, UV face paint, sky lanterns, Brollies, many other types of ‘Innovative, Novelty Crap’
      • Bling - Necklaces, glass pendants
      Undoubtedly, music festivals have become a well-established tradition in the UK, as well as many other parts of the world. Most vendors believe that selling their products at music festivals is a very good way to attract costumers, especially people from different walks of life. With innovative, quality festival merchandise in hand, most traders can succeed trading in these events, on the understanding that most sales will be generated as ‘impulse purchases’!

      Have fun and enjoy the music!
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      T&M Arts and Crafts (11 Nov 2012)

    3. ledgiftsworld is offline

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      Jun 2012
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      Thanks for the info MissWholesale.
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

    4. T&M Arts and Crafts is offline

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      Nov 2012
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Great advice above from Miss Wholesale, if you can give any more that would be even better!!
      I have traded at local craft fairs selling my jewellery and my husbands paintings for 3 years, but we want to expand our range of stuff and hit the festivals. We are all set up with gazebo and tables etc as I have been attending a regular outside market this year (where I have faced the "best" windy weather the North Cornwall coast could chuck at me, serving customers with one hand whilst holding the gazebo down with the other - so not fazed by the eliments of outside trading!), but not sure if this is the done thing at festivals, what kind of set up is best?
      We are thinking of getting a diesel motor home to sleep in and store extra stock and stock at night in, hoping we will be able to park it behind the gazebo?? norm?
      I havent really got a clue what to expect for a pitch price, after reading a few articles I am expecting between £200- 5000, I will probably have to start at the lower price range to start with.
      Trading hours seem to vary, but what should I expect?
      Advice gratefully received.

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