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      Car boot sales tips, advice and hints for better car booting - Car boot Guide

      If you have never been to a car boot sale and are not aware about where and how to start with it, we are here to guide you on each essential point and help you become a good professional car boot seller.

      There has been a renaissance in car boot sales of late. It is a money making business in which private individuals gather to sell or recycle unwanted household domestic goods. You will pay a nominal charge to sell these goods by unpacking them usually on tables, on the ground or on blankets. The concept evolved from American trunk and garage sales in the early seventies; a Catholic priest named Father Harry Clarke first introduced the car boot sale in the UK.

      Many people in the UK consider car boot sales a past time best done during the weekends. In car boot sales, private sellers are not bound by any consumer law to offer compensation. The rule here is “Caveat emptor - buyer beware” i.e. the buyer cannot ask for any compensation from the seller for defects in the goods sold, and the seller is not bound to give any guarantee on his goods. However, if a seller’s description about his goods proves to be false, he will be obliged to replace, refund or reduce the price of the respective item, to compensate for the misrepresentation.

      Secret of successful selling in a car boot sale lies in preparation. Accurate planning should be done by considering all the key factors. This sale usually starts from 7 in the morning and ends by 4pm. So you need to get up early and make all necessary preparations well in advance.

      Items that can be sold

      People carry all sorts of products at car boots, from rare antiques and paintings to CDs, DVDs, clocks, second hand books, records, videos, toys, stamps, coins ornaments, tools and also many genuine bargains including designer handbags, designer clothes and fashion pieces.

      Hints for better car booting

      Here is the checklist of all the key aspects you should keep in mind before heading to a car boot sale:
      • Find a good car boot sale to begin with: You can find the car boot sale generally at the school playgrounds or car parks. The advertisements for the car boot sales can be found on the internet, local newspapers and magazines free of charge.
      • The spot you are going to use for selling your items at the venue is the most important aspect as this will help you attract potential buyers in the first go. So, avoid selecting muddy or any unpleasant spots.
      • Setting up your stall in a presentable manner is crucial and you can decorate it to attract the attention of buyers. One idea is to place all your goods on a nice colorful table cloth to make it more eye catching. You can also play music at your stall to entertain people.
      • If your budget allows, distributing sweets, chocolates, along with tissues or wet wipes to kids and the crowd, free of cost, would be a fantastic idea to attract customers.
      • The way you showcase your products will also have a good impact, for instance, if you are selling some electronic toys, instead of just keeping these toys on display you can show people, especially the kids, how they function. If you are selling a guitar, you can play the instrument to catch hold of the crowd.
      • Display the most sellable items in front of the stall where buyers can have the best possible access. After arranging your stuff, have a look at the stall from the buyer’s perspective, whether it looks attractive and can grab customers at first sight.
      You can adopt these strategies to impress the buyers and increase your chances of making good sales in a car boot sale.

      More Tips and advice for sellers
      • Location: It should preferably be near to your place and in some prime location in your city as locations do attract buyers.
      • Pitch Pricing: You need to do a careful research on the rates for the spots at car boot sales on different venues and should select a venue depending on the overall marketability of your products and your budgetary constraints.
      • Timings: You should reach the venue early so as to grab the best possible spot where buyers would be attracted to come. This will also give you a chance to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance so that you can focus just on the sales once customers start visiting.
      • Organizer: The reputation of the organizer is a key factor and should be considered. You can confirm from the local office about the authorization of the sale and should also check with the organizer about his prior knowledge and experience in promoting and organizing a car boot sale.
      • Presentation: This is the most important aspect for you at all times. The goods should be properly arranged and if you are selling goods such as toys and kitchenware, you should keep discrete sections for them and ensure that your stall looks attractive.
      • Pricing up the goods beforehand: With the help of sticky labels, designer labels or tickets, pricing up your goods should be done earlier to avoid confusion and to be very clear about the cost which you are going to offer for your goods.
      • Carry plenty of change: You should keep plenty of change and should avoid accepting cheques.
      • Packaging: Packing of goods should be done carefully and fragile goods should be wrapped adequately. Newspapers and cardboard boxes can be used for packing glass items; old blankets can also be used for wrapping pictures.
      • Bring a friend or some close associate: This will help you to ensure the safety of your goods while you are away to see other stalls or for toilet breaks.
      • Do not pressurize: Never at any stage should you pressurize the buyer to buy an item. Your firm and balanced stand will urge genuine buyers to come back to you.
      • Clothing and refreshments: You should carry adequate clothing and refreshments as per the season and the expected time you will be spending at the venue.
      First time sellers at car boot sales
      • If you are a first time seller at car boot, you should visit the car boot as a visitor first, so that you get a clear insight on how it is conducted and whether it is suited for the goods you wish to sell. You can interact with the car boot sellers and clarify your doubts and queries.
      • The entry fees i.e. the charges for your spot, the timings and the rules vary for all car boot sales. Hence, you should note these details properly for the respective car boot sale you are going to choose.
      Car Boot Scams

      Car boot sales can act as magnets for thieves, so be careful. Below mentioned are some of the guidelines to avoid most of the car boot sale scams:
      • Offering fake bank notes is common at car boot sales. If you feel someone is offering fake notes, inform immediately to the marshal or police. You should check the notes you receive at the venue; you can use a bank note detector pen for this.
      • There are sometimes individuals with mal intentions who may try to distract you and steal your goods with the help of their gangs. If you observe this kind of a suspicious behaviour, become alert and seek the necessary help.
      • Stripper scam: By law, you are supposed to provide a refund for an item if it does not turn out to be the way it was told earlier to the buyer. Many buyers take advantage of this, and after buying, they remove the parts or damage the piece and ask for refund. This is a complex situation, so if you have such items for sale that could be stripped for parts, then you should ask the buyer to sign the ‘sold as seen’ receipt, and avoid any falsified claims.
      Laws & Trading Standards
      • It is illegal to sell certain products like knives, weapons, livestock, firearms, guns, tobacco, alcohol, fireworks and counterfeit goods. If a seller is found selling these items, he is asked to leave the premises with no 'pitch' refund and also may have to face criminal charges.
      • Business name act: If a seller is not trading under his name, he must specify clearly his name and address where the documents should be sent.
      • Consumer protection act: It is an offence to overcharge the buyer for any goods.
      • If the description about the goods given by the seller proves to be false, then the buyer can ask for a refund or replacement.
      • If the seller is harassed or threatened by a buyer, he can call a car boot marshal to take the necessary disciplinary action.
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      tee50james (09 Nov 2013)

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