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    1. Rhianna is offline

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      United Kingdom
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      Garnier Wholesale Suppliers - Distributors of Skincare, Bodycare, Suncare, Haircare and Haircolor Products

      Where can I find a wholesale suppliers and best prices for Garnier products such as bodycare, skincare and haircare.
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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      Hi Rhianna,

      Have a look at the following UK suppliers of Garnier skincare, bodycare, suncare and haircolour products:To find the best verified UK and global wholesale suppliers of Garnier skincare, bodycare and haircare products, we recommend using the three largest online trade directories of verified suppliers:All three list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. Have a look at the following results:

      UK Suppliers of Running Garnier Skincare, Bodycare and Haircare ProductsEU and other International Suppliers of Garnier Skincare, Bodycare and Haircare ProductsGarnier is a cosmetics brand owned by L'Oreal, encompassing mostly hair care and skin care products. Garnier products are sold in numerous countries wordwide, with lines matching distinct skin types and cultures.

      While deciding which Garnier products to market, you should evaluate their complete line of products. In skincare, Garnier has four main lines: Garnier soft line products, which are used to repair and nourish the skin. Garnier Pure line products, for acne prone skin, and include cleansing gels, scrubs, toners, moisturisers and antiblemish spot pens. Other products are Garnier Lift line products for smoothening the skin and Fresh line products for normal skin. Garnier men's skin care range includes Garnier MEN PowerLight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser with SPF 15, Garnier MEN PowerLight Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser, Garnier MEN PowerLight intensive fairness face wash, Garnier MEN oil clear face wash and Garnier MEN intense fresh face wash.

      In 2012, Garnier launched Garnier PowerLight Sweat + Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser for men. In 2013, they launched four new skin products: Garnier The Radiance Renewer Cleansing Gelée for sensitive skin, Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin for oily skin, Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Gel-Creme and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil for all dryness problems related to hair, face and body. Recently in February 2014, Garnier introduced the Garnier Miracle skin cream and the Garnier eye cream. Also note that Garnier Ambre Solaire products are the world's best-selling sun care products.

      For stocking a range of Garnier skin care and sun care products, visit the following supplier:Shure Cosmetics is a wholesale supplier of cosmetics and fragrances. Their Garnier sun care range includes Garnier Ambre Solaire after sun intensive replenishing treatment creams, Garnier Ambre Solaire anti-drying sun cream spf30, Garnier Ambre Solaire clear protect+ sun tan spray spf20 and Garnier Ambre Solaire light and silky protection mist, medium spf20 creams. They also supply Garnier skin care products, including intensive care dry skin anti-dryness body milk moisturisers, Garnier simply essentials soothing cleansing lotions and Garnier Skin renew overnight regenerating creams.

      Garnier bodycare products are of four types including Garnier body lotions, Garnier body treatment products, Garnier body tanning products and Garnier hand creams. In 2013, among the top five branded body care products, Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil was in th top position.

      In 2013, Garnier also released the Garnier Olia permanent hair colour. The best-selling Garnier hair colour products are Garnier Nutrisse nourishing colour cream, Garnier Herbshine colour cream with bamboo extract and Garnier Belle colours. Garnier’s best-selling range of other haircare products includes Garnier Fructis such as Fructis repair and shine shampoos, Fructis strength & shine shampoos, Fructis sleek & shine shampoos and Fructis colour last shampoos. Garnier is going to launch its Ultimate Blends hair care range in March 2014, with six different blends of shampoos, conditioners, oils, treatments, scrubs and dry shampoos.

      Further, for stocking a range of Garnier body care products and hair colours, visit the following supplier:B&J SUPPLIES is a wholesaler of branded household goods, cosmetics, make up and hair and beauty products. They supply a range of Garnier branded hair colours including Garnier Belle color 1 natural black, Garnier BELLE color 3 natural intense dark brown, Garnier Belle color 7 nat very light brown, Garnier 100% color 401 intense brown, Garnier OLIA 2.0 black perm hair colours, Garnier OLIA 8.0 blonde perm hair colours and the count goes on. From the Garnier body care range they stock Garnier body 7 days aloe vera milk hydration lotions, Garnier body 7d ultimate beauty oils, Garnier body 7days shea hand milk creams and more.

      In addition, you can visit Garnier's official website to learn about new product launches and trends:For more insight into the Garnier’s latest trends and launches in the cosmetics industry, refer following link:For more information about sourcing branded skincare and haircare products, see the following past discussions:To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers see:Hope this helps
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