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    1. Dairo is offline

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      Nov 2013
      2 Times in 2 Posts
      As a veteran in serving foreign businesses and international trades for many years, I do not think a real Chinese factory or real legal export company in China can accept payment by Paypal or Escrow. There are too many people advocating Paypal and Escrow- I know I may hurt these people feelings but must say- definitely these people know nothing about China exporting and legal regulations.

      In China, a legally registered export company, no matter it is a factory or a trading company as the key point is it must really exist and must be registered with Export License, has to report officially each of its incomes to Chinese Customs and to the Administration of Foreign Exchange. The Chinese government does not allow any company or organization to get or spend foreign exchanges (such as the US dollar or EU dollars) , and all foreign exchange should be remitted to the exporting companies’ foreign exchange bank account and to be declared with relative documentations such as invoices, contracts, Customs Declaration Form, Letter of Credit (when applied). When the Administration of Foreign Exchange confirms the transaction and remittance to be legal and correct, they will keep these foreign exchange while give the exporting company equal value China Yen and tax refund.

      Foreign payments transferred by Paypal or Escrow do not enter a company’s official bank account and it is hard to collect enterprise tax for such payments (no say tax refund for the exporter), companies are not allowed to receive foreign exchanges by Paypal or Escrow. If your supplier accepts payment term by Paypal- be careful it is not a really registered company and may be just an individual guy.

      I am glad to be the consultant if anyone still have questions in dealing with your Chinese suppliers (see my profile, I am the expert!)

    2. Thank you for this post:

      kennad (09 Dec 2013)

    3. experience is offline

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      Dec 2012
      United States
      United States
      51 Times in 35 Posts
      Hi Naughtyca,

      I teach how to safely source small or large quantities direct from manufacturers overseas, but I don't publish the names of my safe sites on forums. There are many reasons.

      There is a lot more to the sourcing and importing process than just finding the right suppliers. I see too many people jump in at the deep end without doing adequate research. If I just gave out the names of a couple of safe B2B sites, some people, maybe even many, would go there, be delighted with the trustworthy suppliers they find, and start placing orders.

      It is not uncommon for people to go off half cocked knowing almost nothing about what is involved in buying overseas. In effect they treat the overseas buying process as though they were buying from the corner store. Some even turn to me for help after they had ordered goods without knowing what to do about actually getting the goods delivered to them.

      Here are just a very small number of things you need to learn before you start sourcing products overseas:

      1. How to make sure suppliers will reply to you. Most newbies complain that their emails or buying requests are ignored.
      2. How to negotiate small orders, even when a manufacturer quotes huge MOQs.
      3. How to be sure you are getting the best price.
      4. How to get the supplier to do the hard yards for you in relation to shipping.

      I will PM you with some more information.
      To learn safe overseas sourcing and how to buy small (or large) quantities at best prices see→ http://provenchinasourcing.comLearn to find genuine manufacturers and negotiate small orders at prices way below what wholesalers charge. Written after my health enforced retirement and provides insider information from veteran with experience exporting 1978-1987 importing since 1987 Learn to import the easy way

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