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    1. AlanCubby is offline

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      Jul 2013
      United States
      United States
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      Are there any Alternatives to PayPal and Credit Cards?

      Hi everyone,

      I am looking for an alternative payment method to Paypal or credit card.

      Most of my users are young and they don't have these payment methods, so I am losing money.

      Any solution?

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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
      MissWholesale is offline

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      Mar 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Hello Alan,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      PayPal and Credit Card payments have been the most popular and commonly used ways to pay online. But they are not necessarily the best, as there are plenty of better alternatives to PayPal and Credit Cards depending on you requirements. Many of the PayPal and Credit Card alternatives offer added benefits which are commonly used by younger consumers. Also, there are several interesting features like user-friendliness, fast account verification, low buying rates, time-saving, enhanced security and advanced functions which make them a preferred choice for younger purchasers.

      Here are some of the best alternatives to PayPal and Credit Cards as payment methods:
      • Dwolla

        Dwolla is one of the best peer to peer money transfer services. It requires both the sender and receiver to have a Dwolla account. Setting up a Dwolla account is very easy. US customers are required to provide a social security number for verification. It is a good medium for peer to peer payments, but not always ideal for processing payments for web sales, as it is mandatory for both parties to have a Dwolla account (you could use it as an add-on option). The interesting fact about Dwolla is the low transaction fees, just 0.25c per transaction, and free for transactions lower than $10. Dwolla is available on the web and as a mobile app for Android and iPhone.

      • Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)

        Skrill allows you to send and receive money with a free secure digital wallet. It can be used for shopping online globally. Also, it is often used as a payment method for online gaming. Sending money using this money transfer platform never costs more than Eur 0.50 per transaction, which varies depending on the country and the currency involved. Creating a Skrill account is fairly straight forward. While registering, it asks for personal details like name, address, contact number and email address.

      • Google Wallet

        Google Wallet is primarily used in the United States. It is majorly used by Android phone users for shopping online. It is very easy to set up a Google Wallet account. It also allows to send and receive money for free, but you will have to cover payment gateway processor charges. Moreover, a small fee is charged if you are sending money using a credit card.

      • Payoneer

        Payoneer is another interesting way for online shopping payments. Registering for the Payoneer service grants users access to a prepaid MasterCard. Creating an account is free and the user is charged when they activate the card. Once the card is activated, they can load money onto the card from their local bank or other credit cards. A Payoneer card can be used in many countries and in different currencies. The card issued by this provider works like any normal credit card, allowing to withdraw money from a MasterCard ATM.

      • Payza

        Payza lets you send and receive money from 190+ countries across 21 currencies. The service is based in the US and Canada. It also supports certain credit/debit cards from other recognised countries. Your customers can add funds to their Payza account via bank transfer or a credit card, send money to other users, and it allows you to request money by issuing invoices.
      For more information about other alternatives to PayPal and Credit Cards, see the following past discussions:To learn more about finding and verifying suppliers see:Hope this helps
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    3. Thank you for this post:

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