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    1. carsrus is offline

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      Jun 2013
      United States
      United States
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      Which is the Most Popular Bank in Asia and in International Markets?


      Which is the mostly used bank in the Asia for business as well as in the international market?
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    2. Kayln is offline

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      Jun 2013
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      Which is the Most Popular Bank in Asian and International Market?


      There are many popular banks in Asia:

      1) State Bank of India: This is the largest bank in India, it is public banking and financial service state owned Government Company ,SBI is one of the most reputed companies in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

      2) China Merchants Bank: This is one of the largest banks in China, headquartered in Shenzhen and founded in 1987. It has over 500 branches in China.

      3) Bank of China: This Bank is the third largest in the world based on total employees, headquartered in Beijing, China.
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    3. Thank you for this post:

      lawway (23 Dec 2014)

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