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    1. janwillem is offline

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      Nov 2011
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      Distributors of Perfumes and cosmetics EU - Wholesale perfume stock suppliers


      I'm a wholesaler in perfumes and cosmetics from the Netherlands.

      I'm looking for import/exporters distributors to buy perfumes from.
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

    2. Thank you for this post:

      Hemidaniel (06 Aug 2019)

    3. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Dec 2010
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      United States
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      Hi Janwillem,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      If you want to buy in large quantities, then you should consider contacting the brands directly to get information about their authorized distribution channels. If you are interested in sourcing any specific brand, then feel free to post a new request for authorized distributors in Wholesale Discussion - Wholesale Forum

      Have a look at the following threads to find information and sources for perfume and cosmetic stock:To find many more verified trade suppliers and authorized distributors of perfumes and cosmetics from the EU and the rest of the world, we recommend using the two largest online trade directories of verified wholesale suppliers eSources and Wholesale Deals. Both list thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

      Have a look at the following results:

      EU Sources for perfumes and cosmeticsUK Sources for perfumes and cosmeticsTo learn more about finding and verifying suppliers you should read the following threads:Hope this helps
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    4. MACH Supplies's Avatar
      MACH Supplies is offline

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      Aug 2013
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Have you found your perfect wholesale supplier ? Hopefully not, and if you think you have, then pause for a moment and take a moment to read about us.

      Let me introduce to you MACH Supplies, one of the UK’s premier wholesalers of fine fragrance, branded skin and hair care products as well as premium cosmetics.

      We are a newly established company capable of supplying large retail multiples, independents, wholesalers and online retailers. We have already established ourselves as one of the most trusted and well respected companies in the industry and our business is rapidly expanding across Europe and Worldwide.

      Having successful relationships with many retail and wholesale customers, we understand how their businesses operate. Their success relies on the availability of the products their customers want, and to be responsive to new products coming onto the market.

      Because we see ourselves as business partners with our clients, with our success relying on theirs, we work hard to ensure we can supply extensive ranges of top branded perfume, skincare & cosmetics, and hair care products. By offering such a wide range of high quality products, our customers save time by being able to source their stock from one supplier.

      At every stage of the process, from placing your order to receiving delivery of it, we promise you will receive a friendly and efficient service.

      We supply all the major prestigious brands and pride ourselves on product selection. Our aim is to sell our customers products that will sell quickly and profitably, helping their business grow as rapidly as possible.

      Through maintaining a continual supply of products and by ensuring we hold higher stock levels to meet seasonal demand, our customers can be confident of obtaining the products in the quantities they require throughout the year.

      We understand that in today’s retail climate repeat orders from your consumers are the key to success. To achieve this you need to deal with a supplier who can guarantee reliability and consistency of stock. These are qualities which our customers recognise and value in us. Through our fully stocked warehouse they can plan their product ranges in complete confidence that their customers will never have to shop elsewhere.

      In addition to reliability of supply, we also provide value for money. Our cost prices are renowned as being very competitive in the UK and European market. To achieve this, we buy in large volumes from distributors across Europe, therefore benefiting from economies of scale.

      Take a look at our website and maybe consider a Trade Account with us.

      MACH Supplies

      Mr Fisher

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