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    1. berganhk is offline

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      Oct 2011
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      Looking for pure olive oil distributors from Europe - Extra virgin olive oil supplier

      Dear all,

      I am new to wholesale forum. Our company were looking for quality pure oilve oil (some people called it extra light olive oil) from Europe and preferable for high heat cooking (pan fried, deep fried).

      Any help would be great thanks!!!

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    2. WholesaleMod's Avatar
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      Hi berganhk,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      You might already be aware that olive oil is not generally used for deep frying, because of the following reasons:

      1. It can not be brought up to the same high temperature as seed oils like Sesame oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, which are common cooking oils.

      2. Olive oil leaves a distinct taste of olives on the food that is fried using olive oil. This, of course, might be preferred in many cases, but not always.

      3. The cost of olive oil is a lot higher than that of, for example, seed oils. Unless you are gaining a specific advantage from using olive oil for deep frying, it's advised to use seed oil instead.

      On another note, what you have heard of as pure / extra light olive oil is actually called Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes from olives picked from the olive tree and never from the ground, and is produced from the first press of the olives - subsequent presses produce olive oil which is not considered extra virgin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced at the beginning of the season has a stronger more refined taste, however those olives have a lower yield compared to olives picked towards the end of the season.

      If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of bottled olive oil then have a look at these suppliers from the UK:

      - Wholesale Olives, Infused Olive Oil, On Tap, Vinegar on Tap
      - Wholesale Information*-*El Olivo - Wholesale olive oil gourmet food online extra virgin olive oils from Spain, organic olive oil ideal for gift baskets and healthy recipes of Mediterranean diet

      For bulk olive oil from olive oil producers and mills delivered in flexitanks or drums, then have a look at:

      Turkey: Home

      Greece: Home | Stelman Trade Ltd

      To find many more trade sources for olive oil we recommend using one of the 2 largest trade directories of verified suppliers on the web, eSources and Wholesale Deals. They list wholesale suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

      Have a look at these:

      eSources - UK suppliers of olive oil
      - Fats and Oils Wholesale Suppliers in UK - Wholesale Fat & Oil Directory

      eSources - EU suppliers of olive oil
      - EU Fats and Oils Wholesale Suppliers - Wholesale Fat & Oil Directory

      Wholesale Deals - UK suppliers
      - Olive Oil Wholesale Suppliers - Olive Oil Suppliers

      Hope this helps
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