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      Unwritten Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette

      I know we’ve all been in a situation where the guy/girl across the room is making a big whoop about txting or Tweeting something under the guise of getting something done. Or you’re out having a coffee break with a friend who decided to bring along their smartphone so they can sit it right next to the utensils you’re going to eat with, for the entire time. All the while, you’re becoming germaphobic, thinking about the phone using your immune system as target practice.

      I know plenty of people who have a smartphone nowadays. I was holding out until about a year ago, when I finally decided to get the HTC Evo. I’m so in love with it. But as a later comer to the smartphone party, I’ve spent the last year catching up on the unwrittern rules that comes with smartphone usage.

      Here are some of the biggest smartphone mistakes I’ve made so far…

      Pausing a real discussion

      I remember hearing people speak their hearts out in a long-winded conversation and the other person starts tapping away at their phone. I didn’t even consider how it offends the other person. That sent a direct message that my phone was more important than the other person I was talking to and it stirred up feeling of resentment towards me.


      You shouldn’t work five different things at once on your phone or read your incoming e-mail while you’re talking to a friend. If you’re at a table with a buddy and you’re sending a random txt to someone else, ask the person in front of you if it’s okay, it lets them know that you care how they feel.

      Yapping on about your life

      Take a walk outside. Nobody wants to hear about other people’s lives, especially the embarrassing conversations between two lovers. It’s highly inconsiderate to everybody around your speaking distance.

      Sending messages too quickly

      Try to use spell check when you can. Everything you send is an extension of your mind. I you try to forgive misspellings, but it’s important to check anyway and all the time. Let others know that you take it very seriously and treat them as if you were talking to a supplier.

      Ringtones are not professional

      Ringtones of your favorite band are not for professionals… unless your directly involved with the band on the business side. If I call my banker to talk about a loan and he has rap ringtone, I’ll call him into question right away.

      Using vibrate

      The vibrate setting is a major headache – everyone can hear it. Always keep your smartphone set on silent and leave it in your jacket while you’re in a meeting. If it seems like an emergency, excuse yourself from the group and take the call outside.

      Leaving a caller on hold

      When you need to put someone on hold for a quick second, it should be a quick second. I know business folks are busy people. If you’re tight on time, let the other person on the call know about it and give them X amount of time. It’s the polite thing to do.

      Crotch reading

      It looks too weird when you’re head is lowered and deeply focused while you fiddle your fingers against your smartphone. The makes you look out of place and keeps you away from conversation. It’s highly rude and leaves a lasting impression.

      Long messages

      This is one for all the people who ramble on and on. Never leave tiring, confusing voicemail messages where you talk like a hyena that it makes the other person squirm to remember it all. The smart thing to do is to say, “Hey, I want to talk to you about X and X. Call me back when you can.” Leave your number and end the call.
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      To add to the pointers mentioned, You should not text or talk to someone on your cell phone when you’re in the middle of a meeting or a job interview. Never use your cell phone in funerals, churches and public transport and when using the elevator. Do not talk loudly when speaking to someone on your phone and try to keep the device on a silent mode.
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