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    1. wholesaleinsight's Avatar
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      Oct 2009
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      The Power of Positive Thinking

      You might have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP, but do you really know what it is?

      NLP is a pretty powerful tool that can be used to reprogram the subconscious regions in your brain and other people's brain while you communicate with them. I would advise you to use NLP to overcome any issues that range from bad habits, phobias, addictions, and a general lack of motivation to using it on your web copy to increase conversion rates of your ecommerce website.

      I have personally researched NLP for a couple of years, mainly related to the regions of motivation and business. This technique is pretty common among salespeople, and it's a way of generating a positive vibe, which will help you achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles lay in your path.

      Since we are humans, we are mostly pessimistic. This is reinforced during our childhood as we are told Dont do that! or You cant have that! This makes it much easier for you to think that we cant do something, instead of knowing that you can do anything.

      There's plenty of medical research relating to NLP that explains what's going on inside your brain. NLP is similar to hypnosis, but the technique can be done on your own with a few minutes of your time. You never lose consciousness or any of your five senses, making NLP relatively safe.

      To get you started, you need a goal that's in the form of a clear and concise statement. In general, the statement will come with a few rules;
      • It must not include any negative keywords or charms. (I will stop doing this/that | I will not do this/that)
      • It must be positive. (I will do this/that)
      • It must be physically obtainable for you.
      Thinking and saying I will never eat junk food isn't good at all, but rephrasing it into I will eat healthy is the way you want to go. The goal here is to reprogram your brain to make negative connotations absent from your mind. Even saying the word, junk food will stimulate a response to thinking about junk food, and you'll never be able to reprogram yourself.

      You can also set a specific objective, so let's say if you're an amateur athlete, you can say I will swim 5 miles a day!, or if you have just launched your ecommerce website you can say "I will turnover $500,000 in sales this year". Make sure that you are setting a goal that is physically achievable. If you say I will run swim faster than Michael Phelps! then it's a bad statement, except maybe for about five or six of the world's top athletes.

      While positive thinking is a very good start, NLP focuses on the subconscious and the need for emotion. The positive statement will produce an image inside your mind, an image of what you will look like when you have achieved your goal.

      The most important part is to find a quiet place, close your eyes, imagine yourself in that situation and feel the emotions. Look at yourself, look at your posture, look at your smile and think about these thoughts as you live in the moment for a few seconds. Imagine yourself at first, and then step into yourself to fully experience the emotional aspect of this experience. Imagine all of these thoughts up to two minutes at a time before relaxing again, keeping your eyes closed, and taking a few deep breaths.

      You must accomplish you process a few times a day, every day, no matter where youre at. What you are doing is reprogramming your brain on a subconscious level to have those beliefs become your reality.

      Positive thinking
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    2. The Best Intentions is offline

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      Oct 2009
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      United States
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      I have always believed that if you spend your day focusing on positive things, good things will eventually happen. I remember that I used to be the type of person who never found any interest in the whole positive thinking category. I eventually started to read various books on the subject and it has allowed me to perceive a new outlook on life by becoming a positive person.
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