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      Investing Your Business Profits - How To Invest for Lifelong Financial Security

      If you have saved some of your profits from your resale business, it's smart to invest them to hedge against inflation. There are however risks involved, as with any investment opporunity: cities can default on their obligations, companies can slash their dividends and a market crash can crumble the perfect investment strategy. Even long term investors lost money over a decade by not touching their portfolios. Yet even if everything stabilizes and nothing tragic occurs, a safe investment can still lose a lot of coin. For example, a money market fund with an annual interest rate of 1% wears away by 2% a year if inflation climbs by 3% a year or more.

      As luck would have it, the smartest investment strategy is one that involves a little bit of risk, not one that avoids it. Let’s say, for instance, that you build a portfolio that contains a third of stocks or equities-based mutual funds and the remaining in bonds and cash. This way, you receive the security and necessary cash flow from your portfolio and you don’t feel the anxiety of a stock market flux. If you do well, you can take that money at the end of the year to adjust your portfolio so you can keep that two to one ratio.

      Regrettably, it will take quite a bit of discipline — the kind that very few maintain over a lengthy period of time. In the end, why would you sell a stock when it’s doing pretty good and put the money in harmless, dull bonds when that voice in our head screams to take a chance at becoming rich? How about the “market-neutral” funds that are being hailed as the way to go whether the market goes up or down? I would tread lightly before taking a plunge. I know the idea sounds good, fees are really high and follow through can be iffy.

      Another thing, the fund manager must readjust the portfolio to produce sufficient capital gains that will lower your after-tax appreciation. Try to imagine it in this way: Like going to the gym, the smartest investment is one you can work in good or bad times. People that go to the gym when they feel like it and investors who are impatient will not get the results they are looking for.
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      An investment strategy with a little risk, to me, is real estate. If you want to make money in it though, you have to give it time.
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