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      Work With Facebook, Not Against It

      Although Facebook marketing is still a new thing amongst the small business crowd, a lot of them are still trying to grasp the whole idea of it.

      Iíve helped people who have had a hard time just setting up a basic page. For example, Iíve watched people create their businessís profile as a regular personal profile instead of a business one. Others have jumped right into the middle of the action and divided their demographic in the process.

      Here are a few tips to save you some Facebook marketing time:

      Breaking the rules of Facebook

      Itís very important to know how Facebook really works and what you can do, itís also important to know what you canít do Ė something that a lot of people tend to forget.

      I see all sorts of businesses risking their established groups by breaking the law of Facebook ever since they signed up.

      Well, what are some of the no-noís of Facebook? A few grow massive groups using a personal page instead of business page. Some even run their own contest. And they donít even bother asking for your consent to tag you in a picture.

      Tagging people to generate more buzz is in violation of Facebookís terms that can be reported as abusive behavior Ė which makes the folks at Facebook look more closely at what youíre doing.

      To keep your own business page from making the same mistakes, take the time to learn about the overall platform of Facebook, teach yourself how to create and groom a community, and always talk to the people as if they were your friends.

      Whatíll set you apart from the rest is your power to form real relationships with your customers. The big companies usually forget about that when theyíre joining Facebook, even when it should be their most important priority.


      Ask any marketing guru what the biggest headache on Facebook, and he or she will tell you itís broadcasting whatever you have to say instead of creating informational content and talking to your customers on a daily basis.

      When it comes to Facebook, marketing on any level can bring about rich, word-of-mouth marketing results. But donít forget that Facebook is all about originality, so if youíre not real or youíre coming across as salesy, the people will see right through your act.

      Your biggest goal is to get the people talking, not just to brag about what youíre doing. People are looking for something to feel a part of, and theyíre doing that by clicking your like button. Itís your purpose to give them a purpose to stay with you.

      Not learning the tricks of the trade

      Although Facebook is still a new platform, some business folk have yet to use all of its power and theyíre missing out on vast opportunities when it comes to establishing a brand persona.

      Small business doesnít make the best use of the tools at their disposal. For example, their info tab is hardly ever used, and even a smaller number creates a welcome page.

      A lot of companies even upload a basic version of their logo, but the thumbnail image show up is out of proportion to the resizing Ė this little, useless image is how youíre perceived throughout Facebook.

      Not taking the time

      One more mistake is not knowing how long a successful marketing campaign on Facebook is going to take. I even see a lot of businesses create your basic page and then leave it at that.

      Small business owners believe that if they set up a business page, thatís it. They believe people will come running to their page and become a lifelong customer. Itís going to take much, much more than that.

      Your overall growth isnít the only thing thatís going to suffer Ė itís going to hurt your personal connections with your existing audience, particularly if theyíve gotten used to the quick turnaround times of their questions.

      Forget about traditional advertising such as billboards or a radio spot, it doesnít make sense just to create something and leave it at that. When you create a Facebook page itís one of the millions of steps youíre going to have to take, and your page should reflect each monumental stride, always.
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      Hi.. Great tips!!! Will definitely keep in mind while using my facebook business page..Can you please tell me how can i add more people of the niche?
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