In reality we think outgoing minds tend to be better at jobs like networking or sales. We hear about the “Type-A personality” to explain the truth about a lot of the people we work with on a daily basis. That natural skill makes them perfect for certain types of job. I bet that as you’ve built your own business, a significant part of your success has come from your own natural skill and talent.

When thinking about our natural talent is that it makes us consider that the exact reverse is true. After all, if you’re the best at a couple of things, without a doubt you could be God awful at other things, am I right? And being God awful at something is a horrible defense mechanism to not do anything at all. If you’re not good with abstract ideas then you get someone to tackle those mind blowing rationalities. Or if you’re not a tech guru then you can give a good reason for not doing better in your own network to run your business efficiently.

This is absurd. Having the natural skill helps a lot, but it’s not required – especially when you add social media. Plenty of small businesses believe that the techier you are, the more enthusiastically you are to use social media. In reality, being great at social media has nothing to do with technical skill. It does, on the other hand, involve hours and hours of learning just the simple principles that anyone who utilizes social media already recognizes – but it will vividly help you to use social media, even if you think otherwise.

The first thing to develop is your ability to use social media, and that is to talk, write, and exchange ideas in your own voice. This means you should use friend speak and writings that you would normally say in real life. Social media is a place to establish connections – so forget the formal type of language that you use for important papers and be real with your audience.

The foundation of social media is listening to the people. You can imagine social media as an infinity of ears and mouths… but the idea is to listen more than talking to understand what the masses are saying – especially if a customer posts a message about your company. The greater your response, the more integrity you establish for you and your organization as one that cares for all.

Replying to questions that revolve around you and your company is the simple part. The rough road ahead is trying to find reasons to share an idea in a post or share content that you find fascinating (especially when it’s totally out there).

Wide open questions are ideal when it comes to social media, since they attract communication. So the next time you post comments or opinions of your beliefs, try turning them into insightful questions and see who replies with their own opinion. You’ll see that a simple flutter of a butterfly’s wing makes a difference in your level of reality in the long term.

There are thousands upon thousands of groups on LinkedIn and those independently produced through blogs and forums like There are groups of individuals who are in the same industry as you and they might have the same passions about life as you. In today’s age, there are several ways to find them, and by doing this you belong to a community that understands you.

It would be a pretty boring life if you could get everything we wanted from the Internet. Even though our technological advancements will send us beyond our wildest dreams, there is no alternative to getting to know someone in real life, so whenever you have the chance to support anything you do through social media and the ability to go to a regional event or meeting new people, go for it. Whew!

Action and reaction are equal and opposite. It has been talked about for thousands of years when it comes to social interaction, but what a lot of people know is that doing good things to help people, share knowledge and be welcoming of those around you will pay off substantial dividends in the future.

I know there are countless of other tips on how to succeed, but this should help you put you on the right path to follow the white rabbit…