If you have a website, or you’re thinking about creating a blog, then you should keep reading this post. It’s about setting yourself up for money that’s going to be made without working harder than you already are.

Not only are websites the future medium of the world, but they can be built to accommodate Google’s AdSense program. It’s pretty easy. Websites provide ever changing and fresh new content to Google’s web crawlers. It’s like feeding raw steaks to a bunch of starving tigers. They just eat it up like it’s their last meal. The more content that gets indexed, the more traffic you generate. And the more traffic, the more AdSense revenue you bring in. Do you know where I’m going with this?

Google isn’t the only one that loves new content, every search engine does. In fact, tech-savvy site owners are using AdSense on one page.

It’s really easy to place Google AdSense on your website. Everything you need is available to you inside the Google control panel. The only thing that takes time is figuring out what is going where on your site. Since Google goes by keywords, and your site content will depend on your subject, you never know what your results will be.

Well, there is a way to test the ad waters before you post new content. Here’s an angle you can work from:
  • Write your article like any other.
  • Place your AdSense code and upload the article on a page that not’s public.
  • Wait five minutes until Google starts sending ads.
  • Then tweak the content until you’re happy with the AdSense results.
  • With certain ads paying $10 per click, it’s definitely worth the time. That’s for sure.
If you don’t have it in you to create content for your website, then it doesn’t make any sense to tweak AdSense to squeeze every dollar out of your website. OK, this is the end of this post. Now pull up your own site and start working and customizing your pages. You have millions to make!