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      Using Twitter Ads Dashboard to Measure Your Twitter Brand for Free!

      Twitter is a rapid social network geared for a fire-hose effect of information. It's great for businesses to use Twitter but not many are aware of Twitter Ads. Yes you can advertise on Twitter but their Ad Dashboard isn't limited to only Ads. It includes Detailed Analytics, your entire tweet history, the ability to schedule tweets, and Conversion Tracking. All this information is free. You do not have to start an Ad to get this information. The only thing you must do is supply a payment method. All that means Twitter will have some billing information on file so you can use their complete Ads Dashboard. This is an extremely under-utilized feature and you most likely never heard of this. Allow me to show you how to set up Twitter Ads so you can begin analyzing your effectiveness.

      Let's get started:
      Go to http://ads.twitter.com

      You will need to log in to Twitter if you aren't already. Follow the instructions to set up your account.
      You should see this now.

      This is not the complete Ads Dashboard. You don't have the ability to view your analytics just yet. We will need to set up a Payment Method. Reminder you do not have to create a campaign or pay to start an Ad to see the complete dashboard.

      There is a four image limit per post so these imgur.com links are screenshots of what I am describing in this tutorial.


      Once there add your payment information.


      After you complete everything you should see this now:


      You now have access to the entire Ads Dashboard!

      Let's go to Creatives. It's right next to Campaigns. Click Tweets. I won't go into Twitter Lead Generation Cards because it is advanced and way past the level of this tutorial. I may in the future but not now.

      I'm using my personal Twitter Account so just a heads-up.


      In Creatives you can see your entire Twitter History - promoted or organic. Also you can Compose a Tweet directly from there.


      You have the option to add that specific tweet to any current Ad Campaigns, post organically(or normally like on Twitter), or Schedule.

      You can schedule for extended lengths of time. This is great and could replace using third party social media management applications like Hootsuite or Buffer.


      Now let's move to the Analytics Section. Click on Tweet Activity. Here it will tell you your mentions, follows, unfollows, and what tweets were GOOD or BEST based on engagement(Favorites, Retweets, and/or Replies).

      The odd graph at the top is an overview of your past 30 days on Twitter.
      The bottom part is your tweet history and tells your engagement. It will even tell you how many people actually click on your links.

      Now under Analytics > Followers you will see your Follower History, your specific interests, follower's locations, gender ratio, and suggested users to examine. This is all valuable information.

      There are Twitter Cards and Websites under Analytics. I won't go into this because again it is advanced to setup. Conversion Tracking falls under that as well.

      This is the end of this brief overview of Ads for Twitter. I hope you will be able to utilize this information to gauge how effective you are on Twitter, who's clicking on what, where are you followers located, and scheduling Tweets. Let me know if you any more thoughts or questions about this.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      cheertone (11 Dec 2014)

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