We all love numbers, and when theyíre easily available it can be grueling to constantly ask yourself, ďAre these the right kind of numbers?Ē If your social media guru or supervisor looks at your unique visitors first to see how things are going, you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. If unique hits are the life and blood of your site, because itís the standard to see how well youíre doing, itís time to change some things.

Here are the reasons why:

Most arenít paying attention
Youíve fell for the unique number spell because you love the idea of 100,000 (or whatever it is) people reading your posts. Let me say this, most people follow other peopleÖ theyíre donít know whatís really going on anyway. Itís pretty easy to go with the flow and never realize what youíre reading.

A few are worth the time
Are your posts spreading like wild fire by your industry or your friends? Unique hits donít say how thought provoking you really are. Grabbing the attention of one influential ear in your audience could be worth millions of visitors. Donít just look at your unique numbers, look at who you are creating content for. How many will read what you have to say? Are they the game changers in your field?

Considering unique hits creates the wrong ideas
If you allow yourself to make judgments based on your unique hits, thatís all youíll ever get. Increasing your unique without thinking about the quality is really easy. Anyone can have raffles, coupons, discounts and costly prizes to bring in new people. Thatís the only thing theyíll care about, free stuff. Now donít get me wrong, there are times when free giveaways are great to meet particular goals, but that shouldnít be for unique visitors. Think deeply about what your business objective is all about and set numbers and strategies to exceed it.

Iím not saying you should forget about unique traffic altogether, but it should be one of many angles to work from. The real objective should revolve around your business. It should be retweets, registration, average time on site or how much chatter there is about your site. Of course you already know what counts, social media should be the tool to help you accomplish that.