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      Twitter for Business | Twitter Business | Twitter Marketing

      Twitter is the place for a democratic society: If you donít like what they have to say, you can vote with their mouse. With a simple click, deciding to block features or unfollow, your feed is everlastingly removed from their existence. For small businesses, the point of Twitter and several other media outlets is to establish customer relationships, not distance yourself from them. To become the master you must get the hang of friending followers, here are some tips to do just that.

      Go Public
      You must include other means of communication in your Twitter profile or background. Occasionally, 140 characters isn't enough for your thoughts to describe what its creating. To promote more dialog, and restrict your customersí habit of search frustration, include your website address, email address, and cell number (real or virtual) within your page.

      Pay Attention
      Answer all questions within a sensible timeframe. If a customer called you on the cell phone, itís unlikely that youíd listen in silence. When youíre active online, the same social rules apply. While it might be boring to reply on a regular basis, your social media reputation changes on your availability and power to engage in conversation. You should grab your 1L cup of coffee that you have every morning or night, and fire away. Your followers will applaud your dedication, and theyíll realize that youíre paying attention.

      Remain Calm
      I know you want to market your business, but shortening marketing messages about your wonderful business or why you must have it right now. Itís not wrong for you to sell on Twitter, but savvy users favor a soft sell or a message that has real content to it. To understand how businesses effectively use Twitter, search for internationally known companies, such as @nikeplus and @adidasrunning, and educate yourself.

      Stay Public
      Perseverance is the foundation of your Twitter marketing success. Just like going jog, regular jogging leads to a leaner cut (and you donít have to even have to sweat while using Twitter, unless youíre tweeting the hell out of your phone, which I've done more than a few times). There are a couple of things even more frustrating than a business that is online for a few days in a row, and then vanishes for days at a time. Visualize Twitter as a marathon, not a quick dash to the finish line.

      Speak the Truth
      Although it might be tantalizing to write a genius marketing idea that leads to a massive online promotion, try to get to the point as soon as possible when messaging. For instance, if you try to lure users with tweets, such as this link takes you to the ďthe craziest video everĒ or the ďcheapest price so far,Ē you must be sure that their expectations are met. If you keep sending your followers to meaningless sites too many times, they will stop reading what you have to say.

      Trust is a fundamental quality on the web, always speak of the heart, the whole heart, and nothing but the heart.
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      This is the Service You Need.

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      This is something that I never even thought about, using Twitter to market my small business. There are some great tips here - thanks a ton. I'm going to set up a Twitter account. I hope I get a lot of followers and then a lot of new business.
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