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      Ten Steps to Building Leads For Your Business

      Welcome WholealeForum members!

      In this thread I want to provide you with ten simple steps to increase your bottom line. Are you ready? You sure??? Ok, let's go!
      • When two businesses work together to benefit each other, see if they can influence each other through their contacts so that they open doors for one another.
      • Territorial trade shows can present first-class opportunities to work up a customer database and bring forth new leads. They also give your business tons of exposure.
      • Network within your peer group. Independent retail merchants can share leads, especially with more networking groups popping up all around the nation.
      • Check your local paper, it's full of prospects for your store's goods and/or services.
      • Frequently check or update your database. Inactive buyers who haven't purchased anything for some time are perfect for pitches. So are sporadic customers. Try to differentiate your list by buying frequency and type of buyer. This can be easily achieved by asking your subcribers to fill in a questionnaire at signup or immediately after subscribing to your newsletter. Always stay in touch with your list.
      • Purchase ads in online newsletters. Ads in targeted newsletters direct readers, grabs attention to your website and you can even track the responses.
      • Buy certified, reliable prospect lists that can be obtained from a variety of sources, including professional organizations, list brokers, trade groups and alumni groups. Such lists allow for tailor-making e-mail messages to unique customers. The more alluring offers or discounts, for example, might be appropriated for the most extremely qualified leads.
      • Develop expertise in a category of items that you sell and produce an enlightening speech on the subject, which can be introduced at meetings of organizations frequented by potential candidates. Produce a media kit and mail it to these organizations. Everybody will always be on the look out for dependable speakers. This expertise can also be leveraged to acquire quotes in broadcast features or news articles.
      • Try to survey or poll your customers about the benefits of your products. Then advertise the answers through the media or another website. This creates pull by establishing credibility and recognition. If you turn the survey into a yearly event, you'll become a current industry expert.
      • Offer bonuses to current buyers who bring in referrals. It can be a deduction on a future purchase or a tiny gift. And do not forget to send a personalized thank you note.
      Marketing aimed at yielding sales, against those aimed at building up customer loyalty or branding, relies on the following elements: an operational marketing database, direct marketing that brings forth queries, and promotions or events that move candidates to buy. I also advise using relationship and search engine marketing that nourishes and conditions candidates.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      playwokf (22 Jan 2014)

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