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      The System Of Positive Branding

      The way your site is designed speaks volumes to the visitor. The more visual appeal you have going on, the better the experience theyíll have. So how would you create such a moment for your visitors?

      First, make sure the way you brand your business is suitable for all, and as a result, easily understood by all. When you do it right, just like the iPad 2, everyone will talk about it in a enthusiastic way. When itís done the wrong way, for example, Sarah Palinís personal image, itís often disastrous.

      Here are some tips to help you highlight what youíre all about in an elegant and graceful manner.

      What do you need?

      If youíre short of cash spend the money you have right now on high quality business cards and a decent website and add a logo down the road, if itís within your budget. Your company logo should be the first thing on the top of your list, but keep in mind that a professional design starts in the thousands. A professional looking logo conveys an image that signifies you know what youíre doing. So itís critical that you get it right the first time around. Know what is important, what is needed right now, and then add everything else into the mix as you see fit.

      Spend on quality and value

      The cheesiest companies never spend money on branding their image. Instead, they stick to using business cards with the printing companyís URL on the back, clip art in their design, and widely used templates. Or they put someone in charge who has no experience at all in design to head that department. There isnít a sense of clarity and flow when it comes to their business.

      Know the importance of skill

      Companies that donít see the importance of their perceived image is sending a subtle message to the masses. A highly skilled designer doesnít design to meet the companyís preferences, they do it to please the collective thought of people.

      Due diligence

      See what other businesses have done with their design. If they have established a strong presence and a visually appealing logo, send them a message to see whom they contracted as their designer. Try to see why they finally decided on using their present logo. Conduct market research, always.

      Create a positive memory

      You shouldnít regurgitate the same old boring design. You have to think of new ways to pay tribute to the classics as well as creating a presence in your industry. When someone looks at your logo, website, business card, it must give off a sense of bliss in their minds. Imagine yourself as the customer. If you were looking at your own marketing materials, would you remember it? Be smart, but make sure it makes a positive impact.

      Know your people

      Who are you trying to attract? How do they live their lives? If youíre going to market your brand, how would you go about it in a way that lets them know what youíre all about and whatís planned in the near future? Are you marketing on a local or international level? What do you want them to believe about your company?

      Be real about who you are, what youíre trying to do, and what youíre offering. A skilled designer knows how to convey this message in a way that calms any emotional storm. Make sure you always stay to the people instead of trying to hawk your warez. This will greatly improve the impact your designer is trying to make.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      andykeating (11 Apr 2011)

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      Really awesome post !!
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