I know you know the saying when it comes to using social media sites Ė ENGAGE! ENGAGE! ENGAGE! Establishing a social networking persona and updating it every day is hardly enough. Itís what you do on the sites that really matters. This is social media and it depends on how you participate and manage the community that will set you apart from the rest.

Here are some social media ideas to get things rolling:

What do they get out of it?
Let people know what they will get out of your offer. You must have the courage to describe why they should visit out your page. Talk about what they will get from visiting your page or whey they should subscribe to you. Keep your audiences guessing by keeping things new. Tweet useful tips and post enlightening how-to clips on your YouTube channel.

Show your appreciation
When your visitors take the time to say something or even upload pictures, let them know you are watching; thank them. Show your audience their best contributions by emphasizing the most unique on an ongoing basis. This will tell your audience that you pay attention to them and that you truly appreciate the time they take to participate.

Let your audience know you care by having a Fan of the Week/Month that runs from your Facebook page. What makes it work is that fans must submit a photo in order to be entered in the contest. A vote by your team will take place on a bi-weekly or monthly meeting, with new material that keeps visitors coming back again and again.

Loop it
I know itís better to give than to receive, so give your fans something they want. After all, social media is a two-way street. Give feedback first, and then ask for it. Post announcements and promotional material on your fan pages about your show. Then when itís almost show time, post a new status update to remind the audience about food and drink specials at the establishment. You help them, they help you. I believe itís a brilliant way to make people a part of your team without being a part of your team. You dig?

Go that extra mile
Show your audience how you conduct business in real-time. Have you described all of the obstacles you faced to solve a finicky issue? Be confident in your ability to talk about what you did or will do. Create an outline of all the steps you took to make sure everything is running pretty smoothly. Describe the problem, what you did to solve it, what the solution was, and how the people reacted.

Make the people talk to the people
You should start a topic and back off, believe in your fans to keep things going among themselves. Are there new products, services or promotions that your customers will go crazy about? Build upon this idea and revolve it around their minds. Itís really neat to see your fans talk to each other without your help. It will help your community excel beyond your wildest dreams. Remember, participation is more willing when the people are offered something for free. There are millions of companies fighting for attention, and you must let them know you make it happen by listening to the people.