The majority of people pay attention to those whom they believe have something significant to say. I call it power of positioning. How you, your company and your product or service are positioned all have direct influence on how successful your career will be.

You need to be the guy who, only two months ago, had introduced himself to a crowd in relative obscurity. My point: your presentation will put you in the eyes of everyone. You need to go from being a part of the group to being a priceless resource in a short amount of time.

You need to realize how you position your company in the mind of your clients and leads, so you’re not seen as another business in a world of average competitors. Do you want to be seen by your clients and leads as:
  • A friend?
  • A trusted expert?
  • A knowledgeable consultant?
One thing is clear, it is better to be positioned high above your competition – or at least separated from them – than it is to be another business in the middle of all the competition also speaking to your leads and clients.

Once you have made that as your main drive, stick to these three steps to help you attain what your heart desires:

Look at yourself and your competition, and determine how to make yourself unique.

Differentiate your uniqueness. Highlight the qualities that will define you as the only one, the first or the beginning of what you’re selling. For example, your business could position itself as the highest rated company in customer service. Or think which features of your product or service cause clients to say “I never knew how easy that was,” or “There is no one that comes close to what you have done.”

Outline a plan that explains who you are and how you are different

Your presentation will be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd and, in many ways, creates a brand image that is memorable and that brings in extra business (recommendations and connections). Some key activities you can use include:
  • Writing articles for a trade publication
  • Speaking at trade shows
  • Creating your own monthly newsletter
  • Creating your own blog and website to create a community
Work hard at the person you have become.

This image will clearly define how you are seen by your clients and leads. For example, give talks to several local organizations and groups to hone your skills at public speaking before you venture into client presentations. Ask several experts and colleagues to critique your presentation skills and let them give constructive criticism to help you improve.

The special power of positioning is, undeniably, an overlooked element to successful sales. Give careful thought to how you want to be seen in the minds of others and then go for it. You’ll be amazed at how well you will be accepted. And remember, the first impression you give will be the one that makes or breaks your credibility.