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      Sell the Way That the Top Producing Salespeople Do

      Now that we live in a quick-fix society, it's not surprising to see 90 percent of salespeople taking the easy route to increase their sales. However, I say success in sales follows a fundamental set of rules.

      The ups and downs
      Many people go through incredible ups and downs in their sales because they hardly prospect for new customers. This usually occurs when someone is short of time. They prospect last because they enjoy it the least, but when sales slow or business with their usual clients abruptly stalls, they rush around creating more business. Take the time to fill your ups and downs and you will rarely worry about reaching your goals.

      Ask targeted questions
      I know I've said this before, but most sales people never ask their prospects and existing clients targeted questions. This usually happens when they are never shown how to ask the right questions or because they believe they already know how to do it. Unfortunately, never asking targeted questions at the start of the sales process means they pitch at a wrong angle for their product or service, which ends in more rejection. And, when you finally ask a targeted question, LISTEN, wait for their reply. Plenty of sales people give away their answers to the questions or keep on rambling on after the question has been asked.

      Listen to the customer
      I honestly believe that the greatest sellers are natural listeners. If you take the time asking targeted questions, it is very important to pay attention to what the prospect has to say. There are countless things that distracts you and prevent you from hearing what they said. Why do not you try this trick, when you are through with your sales meeting, give a brief summary of the discussion in your own words and check the accuracy with the prospect.

      Focus on the customer
      Focus all your energy on the customer. It's never about you, your business, product or service. Almost every pitch I have personally experienced started with the person bragging about their business, talking stats about foundation date, who their clients are, etc. Customizing your pitch to meet the exact demands of each individual customer is what the professionals do. No matter what your marketing team thinks about your business. The customer wants to know what problem you will solve. Never use jargon or terminology. The easier it is to understand, the easier it is to relate to.

      Make the customer trust you
      If people never trust you, the chances of them buying from you are dismal. This is harder than it sounds because your prospects are flooded with calls and emails from other people trying to sell them their product or service. And, because of the untrustworthy experiences people have encountered in the past, they are unwilling to trust people they do not know. You must show exactly why someone should trust you. You cannot speak why they should, you have to prove it. You can accomplish this by presenting yourself in a professional manner, treating everyone with respect and poise, and valuing your client's time.

      Prove value
      The best way to prove value is to demonstrate how your business will benefit the customer. Contrary to popular belief this does not mean you talk and talk about it or tell your customers everything you know about your business. All I am saying is to talk about the aspects of your solution that relates to each unique customer, in terms that are understood by all.

      Stay true to your word
      Sounds easy, huh? My own personal experience has shown to me that people will promise you the world then never follow through on it. This lack of detail is a form of disrespect and usually ends in a loss of trust.

      Know when to move on
      I frequently talk to people who constantly run after a lead even when the signs say something different. This happens when their targeted questions do not match with the prospects. If you have done everything in your power to push the sales through, but it has come to an abrupt halt, you should think about moving on. Usually, it is not worth your time or energy. You have a limited amount of time in a day or week, which means you have to focus on prospects and customers who are fascinated by your product or service.
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      That is a very good list to go by. You said it best in your first sentence, we live in a quick fix society. If you sell mobile phones and accessories, chances are your customer is is an on-the-move type person. What separates the successful business person from the unsuccessful, I think, is being able to apply all the techniques on that list in a very timely fashion. Just because your customer doesn't know that you're using tried and true methods to get a sale, doesn't mean that they're not going to work.
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