Video has to be one of the greatest tools to get our message out there and give optimal exposure to your business. With the advance of video production technology there should be no excuse for you not to produce high quality video.
Here are some ideas to get things going

One of the important reasons video is so engaging is that it lets you connect with the people in other ways that blogging, Twitter or Facebook cannot do. Talking face to face is great of course, but video allows massive scalability.

As you think about the technical side of producing quality video, let your concerns revolve around the idea of connecting. It’s all about your audience watching your video until the end, so they relate to the message you’re trying to convey. Maybe you want to send a subtle message of hidden knowledge to people. When they finish watching your video, they should have a sense of enthusiasm to forward it to their friends, but they should also be thinking of, “Wow… I never realized it in that way, but maybe he is right.”

Since video is so powerful, it’s critical that you do it right the first time. This doesn’t mean your videos have to be ten minutes long or compete with “Dancing with the stars”, but you must exert the effort in order to produce high quality video. Think of the “return on investment” you want to churn out from your work. You shouldn’t create videos in a blink of an eye. Remember, each nanosecond is worth a billion words.

It takes creativity, planning, and several discussions and many more meetings with your business partners and strategists. Do you remember the Super Bowl commercials? Think of the smart and creative people who write for weeks and weeks about these commercials. If you want to be the best, build a creative team and get them involved. Organize your employees, friends and family and take the time to think about a video that will keep them aware of your business.

Before shooting your video, write down the script. Your script must be a detailed outline of what will happen in the video. Know what you must do to achieve your objective.

With the Internet, there is an infinite amount of information available to all. This means that there is very little that is truly unique. However, the wonderful thing is to take simple things and make them unique, like Steve Jobs does with Apple (cell phone + mp3 player = iPhone | personal computer + tablet = iPad). How can you make your business videos unique?

In addition to being unique, your videos must be targeted. The single most important point is to know who your target audience is. If you market to a flock of 20-somethings, your videos will be very different if you’re trying to reach tweeners, or senior citizens. When you define your core audience from the get-go, it’ll help to know what you’re being creative about. Here’s a thought, create general profiles of your audience. For a podcast business, one profile might look like this:

“Graham Wellington is male, 25-35, loves housing discrimination, loves his apartment. He is single with no children and loves to wear suspenders while tipping the doorman.”

There are a couple of different ways to go about creating a video. Whatever path you take, it’s crucial to guarantee that you keep it fashionably professional as possible. Think about hiring a professional videographer. The expense will vary depending on your specific needs. You can even build your own studio to save money in the long run. It doesn’t matter if your “studio” is a camera phone in the garage, or well-placed studio lights, a $5,000 camera and a green screen.

Maybe you would like to start with humble beginnings. Whatever you the amount of money you begin with, keep it as high quality as possible. I suggest you send an email to the guys at Pixablity. They send you a camera and edit the recording you take for a flat fee (more like flat free).

To conclude, you do not have to empty your bank account to obtain market visibility for your videos. Do you remember the Old Spice commercials with more than 10 million views on YouTube? I am pretty sure that these numbers are the same on other several social sites. The most important factor is to keep it engaging enough for your target people to send the link to all of their friends.