If you own an online business, then you probably know the power of bringing in as much traffic to your site as possible. A simple way to go about this process is to write articles that are highly customized for search engines.

I mean, if someone searches for a specific word or phrase through Bing or Google, they can be directed to your site thanks to your SEO articles.

For example, if your site has articles that have been customized to get clicks for the phrase “wholesale forum” then people who are looking for a business community may be brought to your site.

SEO Basics
  • The length for every article should be at least 550 words.
  • Include more than a couple of keywords or simple phrases, but you don’t want to pack the article with spam material.
  • Usually, your keyword density should be about 2%-3%. So, for a 550 word article with 2 keyword phrases, they should show up at least 3 times max.
  • Never list all of your keywords in a single paragraph, instead try and use them throughout the article.
  • The keywords or phrases must be a part of the article title. Plus, try to use it again in the opening paragraph and once more in the closing paragraph.
If your SEO tactics are successful, then it should make your site climb up through the ranks of the world wide webs – but that is only the beginning…

Pull up a Google page and search for any keyword that comes to mind and you’re going to get thousands of hits. The point is to make people click on your link.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It
You can receive thousands of hits by creating titles that are appealing to the visitor.

For example, instead of something like “Working on the Road” you can include more hutzpah by adding a phrase. “Work Smarter While Working on the Road” is more detailed and straight to the point – and there’s a greater chance of a random browser clicking it than your general first example.

Now the visitors will pour in. This is the time when most website owners will make their first of many mistakes. They have mastered the science of SEO articles. They have a knack for eye-catching headlines that most people are looking for. Now what?

Write with Passion
Then there’s the writing process. It’s boring and tiring. It barely offers any content and it sounds weird because you have spread out keywords and phrases just to get the right amount of them in your post.

So you’re at the stage where your site is bringing in the right amount of people, but most of them won’t come back. Remember, the greatest SEO involves not only the SEO factor, but also passionate writing.

If you don’t have it in you, there are plenty of freelance sites such as oDesk where you can contract writers, with a majority familiar with the entire SEO process, to upload articles on your behalf.

Keep this in mind: The best writers bring in the visitors to your site, and they also keep them there.