The recession has created both winners and losers. The easiest way to bankruptcy is to twiddle your thumbs, do nothing, and patiently wait for the economy to recover. Never mind what industry you work in, if you stay in the same mentality that you were in before the recession, you will sink your battleship. You must be progressive, stick out and market your product or services in way that makes you unique.

You have to concentrate, improve, and maybe change what you do to bring in, hold and keep customers. Think about the following ideas to make your business thrive in the recession.

Think bigger and save your time

Never mind the size of your business, visualize a mental image as if you are the most successful person in your field. Think about the time spent on routine office work that someone else should be doing. Use your time to concentrate on more important work such as customer service, marketing strategies, and trying out new techniques to expand your business.

Be unique and stick out from the rest

To amaze your customers and employees, dress up in a creature costume and have fun in the parking lot. Try building an indoor theater to keep the kids busy while their parents shop around. When they pick up their order you provide free drinks and snacks.

Nurture relationship with your customers

For each month that passes by, customers lose 10% of their buying power. Create a customer database and get in touch with them now and then. Mail them a gift card, birthday specials, newsletters, etc. to keep your business in their mind.

Gather email addresses

This is a part of your customer relationship strategy to get permission from your customers to use their email addresses. Sporadically send mass updates and notifications to your customer list. Since you have permission and avoid spamming their inboxes, email can be a potent and cheap marketing tactic. One way is to have customers go to your website and submit their email addresses to receive special coupons.

Stay away from negative personalities

Hostile and confrontational personalities cost you more by scaring customers away. Spend that extra five minutes interviewing and employing people who love people. Use behavior based questions to improve your odds of hiring the right individuals.

Place a shopping cart on your website

Online sales are still climbing to the top. The growth in sales comes from people who want to save time and money, followed by the ability to shop when all the other stores are closed. Outline a plan on what products or services you can offer online.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Several businesses are holding off on traditional advertising in lieu of PPC advertising. PPC will guarantee you receive high visibility on websites that’ll bring in more customers to your door. Advertisers place bids on special keywords and depending on how popular it is, the more expensive each click is. Prices will vary between a couple of cents to several dollars. For example, you can pay fifteen cents a click for the keyword, “power supply store.” The most famous PPC advertisers can be found on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Show your business to local media

Your towns newspaper and television station are wonderful ways to get your product or service out there. Teach yourself to write press releases or get in touch with local media outlets to show how you are helping the local economy. You can feature a unique employee or how well you are widely known within your demographic.