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      Make Your Last-Minute Sales Count

      Social media sites are a great way to market the heck out of your small business. Not only do they open up channels for you to talk to your customers, but they also give you a wide range of flexible and customized opportunities for your business.

      With the holidays almost over, theres still time to get your last minute inventory out the door before 2011 comes around. Here are some ways to quickly spread your holiday cheer (sales) by using social media:

      Advertise your online activities
      Make it a habit to let your customers know about your online activities. Place your social media information right where they can see it. For example, place a highly visible banner across your site that offers a 10 percent discount if they follow you on Twitter.

      Exclusivity is key
      Try to cater to the tech savvy by offering social media sales to those who are in the know. It doesnt matter if youre a brick and mortar establishment, offer discounts to your dedicated customers. It will motivate them to buy more from you.

      Think about placing coupons on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Youll be amazed at the feedback youll receive.

      Creativity is paramount
      When youre working the coupon angle on social media sites, always think beyond the box. Never mail out a coupon advertising only a 10 percent discount. Instead, shake up their reality by doing something out of the ordinary, such as free schwag or cutting prices in half.

      Promote your promotions
      You should join forces with a non-competing company to work a dual social media campaign. You can promote each other at your physical events or stage special online occasions where customers can talk to you in real time. It doesnt matter how you go about it, youll still bring in more traffic to your site and increase the marketability of your product and/or service.

      Work your demographic
      The power of Facebook gives you the ability to use highly targeted ads catered to your specific demographic. This is probably the best way to reach out to potential buyers.

      Makes your sales feel special
      Always give off a sense of exclusivity when youre trying to entice customers to buy again. It doesnt matter if youre offering the same deal to everyone else, always make your customers feel like theyre getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance. That way, customers have implanted a direct neural pathway around this event and more likely to come back by habit.

      Support charities
      When you work with a non-profit organization, it connects the good thoughts consumers feel about your brand. Let your customers know that for every $50 or more purchase you will donate $5 to a local charity. Try to enlist the help of a non-profit with strong ties within the community, so you can increase your odds of bringing in more potential buyers. Also, add a non-profit banner to your site to heighten awareness.
      Blog about lists

      Always post new content to your blog or Facebook page listing which products are selling the most this season. Create your own hot list. Let everyone know whats going on in your industry. Similarly, connect your lists with an emotional goal such as a new years resolution maybe a review list of gifts thatll help someone break their bad habits.

      Always be creating
      If you build up a sense of urgency with your demographic, youre more likely to close deals. Try having a contest and then welcome consumer contributions. You can also work a referral program by specifying that if a new customer buys, the person who referred them receives a free gift card.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      andykeating (03 Feb 2011)

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      Hey very informative post!!! i need to focus on all these activities..i liked the twitter discount option.. lets see if it works
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