Business owners will always be looking out for their next perfect employee. The real question is where would you find one? The great news is that LinkedIn (60 million profiles covering 150+ countries) would be the ideal place to start. I know many of us already have a LinkedIn profile, and if you donít, itís totally free and so simple to use. The secret is to use a couple of social hacks while using LinkedIn.

Here are a few tips to help you along your journey.

Establish Connections
Throughout your business day, you donít know where the next sale is going to come from. So itís pretty damn important to establish and build relations with all types of people. For instance, my LinkedIn has connections from previous jobs, customers, and regional entrepreneurs I do business with.

LinkedIn Groups
What also helps is being able to become a part of personal and professional groups, join a couple of groups that could help you find the right candidates. There will always be a LinkedIn group you can join as a way to establish connections in whatever industry.

Ask Questions
Once you start joining groups, watch out for opportunities to talk to people in discussions. Pay attention to people who share your passions and start a conversation with them. Groups offer all types of channels to talk about work and life.

LinkedIn Updates
Here is a quick and easy way to remember people for awards, achievements, and promotions. Since LinkedIn is pretty much one-dimensional, this is a perfect way to let people know what youíre up to. Iíve read one of my connections post their status with ďLooking for a/an (insert title here). Whoís got a lead? Let me know.Ē

LinkedIn Mobile
Staying up to date with all the info out there can be a major headache. Thatís why I like and use LinkedIn mobile on my phone. Itís so easy to check for updates while Iím waiting in a waiting room, so staying right in the middle of things isnít such of a hassle.

LinkedIn Mobile | LinkedIn

Since the start, LinkedIn has fought some battles for being just an online warehouse of names. But nowadays, more and more professionals are getting the hang of it. Since most professionals have a profile on LinkedIn, itís the perfect place to stay updated in the marketplace. As a small business owner, I can easily pull some strings to find new talent. [=

"In real estate the wisdom says ďlocation, location, location.Ē In consumer Internet, think ďdistribution, distribution, distribution." - Reid Hoffman