What does your business specialize in? I know it’s a pretty straight forward question, but only a few can come up with a direct answer that describes what they do. Maybe the easiest way is to see it like this: If you can’t say, they don’t pay.

Sure, it’s not always easy. The majority of us talk about who we are as well as dragging our job titles into the story. That doesn’t work in the big picture. A couple of months ago, I talked to a writer who bragged about herself as some sort of miracle worker who helped a client double their conversation rates in three months. That is amazing. She went on and on about how she was unique and how she’s great at it. Now she works for me.

So, how did you talk about your achievements? Here are some ideas to make your clients remember who you are and what you can do.

Demonstrate your success
Be bold. A few of us, especially go-getters and perfectionists, have the habit of being humble. If you don’t talk about your triumphs, no one else will. If you’re the go to guy or gal in your department, explain why. Chatting about your triumphs doesn’t make you egotistical. It shows why you’re successful. If you’ve won several industry awards in your industry, talk about it and most importantly be enthusiastic about it. Let others know you are passionate about it by saying, “I love everything about this business.” It must come from the soul.

Let them know what they get out of it
You have to let your customers know how you can turn their ideas into reality. Talk how you’ve been doing it for years and give yourself a trendy title. It’s very important to show your reliability. It proves that you know your stuff, but also that you have the pull to sell life insurance to God.

Let them know why you’re one in a trillion
Why should someone pay for your product and/or service as opposed to the business down the street? As I have said before, show why you stand out from the rest in your industry. Let them know you that you know where to seek resources and who to talk to. Not only that, but donate to as many charities as possible.