If you own a retail business, you know the significance of your storefront display and window shopping in general. As people walk by your business, what they see can stop them dead in their tracks to take a closer look, and in the ideal situation, they walk through your doors and buy whatever you’re selling. Restaurants exhibit their entire menu in their windows, next to reviews from the local media. Retailers build extravagant exhibits to show what’s inside and tempt people to stop by a take a look see.

Retailers are not the only businesses with large windows, too. Even service providers or businesses that sell to other businesses have window displays. For them, their windows are a mandatory thing that clients see when they walk past. It could be something simple like your website, or a listing in the newspaper, or your letterhead. In this situation, the window tells a story of your past. It’s that second between capturing their attention, or losing it. In another way, the window is your hook, line, and sinker. Businesses that use their windows successfully are the ones with a higher percentage of curious customers wanting to know more.

I know we all want a business like that, but how do we go about achieving it? If you already have a window and a real storefront you are trying to attract customers to, it's probably easier, but I offer tips that should work no matter how “real” your window is.

Make them think about their own life
The best windows draw a picture in the customer’s mind of how they need what you’re selling. In typical situations, this fits in the area of presentations and samples more than anything else. When you theme a storefront, you picture yourself as the customer. When they see how far you go to grab their attention, a customer actually believes that same attention to detail will be given to them.

Show reliability through other people
One great thing about working from the “window” is that it can be the perfect place to put any recommendations that you earned for your business. Maybe a Better Business Bureau rating, or a framed article from the local paper, or degrees or certifications that shows your credibility. These are the finer details that customers expect to see to calm any doubts they may have for your business and reassures their decision to work with you.

Make it quick
The last tip about a great storefront for your business is the ability to put your latest promotions or sales on the face of your business. In a retail store, this would be the 25 percent off sign by the front doors. In a virtual store, this is something you display on your main page… such as a free trial period or samples.

Every business has potential customers strolling by looking for more information related to your business. The more you soothe their thought process by what you do with your window, the more likely they are to stop and take a closer look.