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      How to Keep Your Website Updated - Ideas and Content

      One of the hardest things to do when running a website is constantly updating it with fresh content. The writing is hard enough, and when you’re struggling with writer’s block, thinking of more ideas feels like an eternity. Fortunately, here are a few hacks you can use to lift yourself up when you’re drained and in need of some new material.

      Have a guest post

      Is there a member who actively comments with great ideas? Send them a message asking if they can write a topic about their own personal experiences or a topic they’re familiar with. Do you have a good friend that’s filled with great life advice? Ask them to write a page. Drilling others’ minds and outlooks gives you time off and keeps your website updated with a new angle to think about.

      Look at old posts and add new content

      Browse old posts that were really useful, provocative, or touched upon a topic you changed positions on is a great way to stir up new content. Have you brushed up on a topic that ignited a considerable amount of dialogue amongst your visitors? You should check up on it and include something new that you’ve learned since then, or why you’ve changed your opinion, or what others have said about the topic.

      Keep a schedule

      Using this plan will keep you from forgetting about ideas at the very last minute. Try scheduling your posts two weeks ahead of time to really let your brain brew up new ideas, so they’re deeper than they would have been if you thought of it at the last second. Take the time to think of something new at the start of each week to space out topics you want to post in the upcoming days.

      Add images and video

      If you’re not doing it already, you should add all types of multimedia to your website. Upload a video of your employees talking about their positions, chatting about their hobbies, or other memorable work moments. Upload picture of your workplace and take the reader on a virtual tour. Make it light, and witty if possible. This should definitely switch things up for your readers, but it also makes your website more genuine by giving them a behind the scenes look at the life of everything.

      List what you've learned

      It doesn’t matter if it’s a short YouTube video, a highly debated article causing a California wildfire on the Internet, or even a simple photo you saw you Flickr, gathering a couple of thought provoking links into a detailed list is a great way to keep your website fresh without spending countless hours on it.
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    2. Thank you for this post:

      Barney (07 Aug 2010)

    3. Barney is offline

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      Those are great and inspiring tips, thanks. I like the idea of looking old posts and adding content on it. It is even possible to read the old posts and get inspired to write a new post
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    4. WholesaleForum's Avatar
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      Very true.

      One suggestion which has not been mentioned is allowing visitors to submit comments to your articles or blog posts. Most blog software includes advanced commenting features (WordPress is great for this purpose, and it's free). To add comments to your articles, you may choose to install an off the shelf article directory package, or ask your programmer to add a commenting feature to your articles section.

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