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    1. Jick_Magger is offline

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      How do I write an article for SEO?

      How do I write an article for search engine optimization?
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    2. Copythat is offline

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      Oct 2010
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      There are some good ways (and not so good ways) to write search engine optimization articles. First you need to understand exactly what search engine optimization is.

      SEO is a technique used by content writers to increase the chances of a URL to be ranked higher by the major search engine providers. These search engine providers include Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as many other minor players. If a URL is ranked higher, then it will be displayed closer to the top of search result lists, and will therefore increase the likelihood of visitors to your website. All search engines have their own algorithms with which they analyse and index the content of your site, but one thing all of these programs have in common is their ability to search for keywords and index your site according to those keywords. Here are a few tips to effectively optimize your content for SEO:

      - Don’t string the same keywords together over and over without writing logically. Search engines usually only index sites that have organic content. They’ll often index spam sites by mistake (autoblogs - pay per click sites that pull from other websites’ images, articles, etc. and parade them as their own - ), but those will invariably be taken down by organic (human) search engine evaluators who are hired to clean up what the search engine spiders miss.

      - The article content should be very clear and use the keywords regularly and naturally.

      - Check your keyword density. You can do this by counting the number of words in your article and determining what percent of those words are the actual keywords (there are also several programs online which will do this for you).

      For example, if the phrase “search engine optimization” is used 3 times in a 500 word article, the keyword density would be 3/500 or 0.6%. As a best practice keyword density should normally be about 1%. Depending on what practice you decide to follow, this could vary anywhere from 1 – 3 or even 4%. It really depends on how aggressive you want to be when attempting to gain the attention of search engine spiders.

      - If irrelevant or unnatural content pervades your site, this will cause readers to leave quickly and it will lower your search engine rank; the search engine could blacklist your site if your content is too keyword-heavy on a given page. Make sure your content is clear, concise, and just easy to follow in general.

      - Have a sense of humor if your topic calls for it. If you’re talking about cancer, don’t make cancer jokes, but if you’re talking about gag gifts, then your reader is expecting the article to hold a bit of humor. You have to engage the reader appropriately for the subject you’re writing.

      - Use words similar to your primary keywords as well. These secondary keywords not only vary your term use, but also create for your site a more robust range of content from which search engine spiders can pull.

      Search engine optimization can be challenging at first, but with practice SEO writing can become a very valuable skill. Best of luck!
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