With the holiday season right around the corner, small businesses tend to not try out that new marketing plan they had in mind to bump up sales before the year's end. But, don’t lose any sleep over it. You still have plenty of time to bring in more customers and create new sales. Here are some tips to help you use some savvy marketing tricks that will make people buy from you.

Tradition Is Still Traditional
Sending something through the mail to a previous or current customer during the summer months comes off as tacky, but mailing a Christmas card or a New Year’s card still gives off an impression of cordiality and legitimacy while keeping your business in the minds of the masses. Including a personalized thank-you from team leaders makes a huge impact. But, to make the most of the opportunity, include a discount toward purchases bought in the next year. You should also track good customers for special offers. Another inexpensive, yet exceedingly effective way to keep your best customers is to mail them a calendar for the upcoming year. It’s a useful gift that everybody uses, and it keeps your name on their fridge or office wall. It's the best type of marketing out there.

Get in the Holiday Mood Offline and Online
Try to update your web presence to reflect the times by adding more holiday style. By visually updating for the holiday season, you can move customers toward your business in a different way, maybe to custom or themed gifts. Also, you should at least change your theme on Facebook and Twitter, if you have one, to show you are paying attention. If you’re undecided on what’s appropriate online, try a picture of your employees dressed up or, if you’re a freelancer, a picture of the family in front of a Christmas tree.

It’s Never Too Early
If you’re a small business running an e-commerce store, make sure you place your seasonal offers right by your front door and keep them there. Forget about the shopping phenomenon, web sales usually peak two weeks before Christmas. And never give up after Christmas has passed, either. You can work new marketing tactics to bring in the after-Christmas sales. Have you thought about a Twelve Days of Christmas angle to work in more products all the way through the next year?

Do It Now, Not Tomorrow
With sales tied to a fixed date or event, there is a need to create a sense of urgency during the holiday season. To lower the odds of a potential customer leaving out of fear or worry because of shipping times, you should thoroughly explain your shipping policies in a concise manner, which will soothe their concerns. Try a bold logo that states “Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas” or “It’s never too late to buy now.” That will bring in last-minute buyers. Other offers that work on holiday shoppers include free wrapping and the ever popular free shipping. Both could be the tipping point for any customer thinking about typing in their credit card number.

Offer a Piece for All Parties
Since the holiday season brings a feeling of giving even from the most stingy customers, you should use that to your advantage by taking a good look at your current pricing structure. As a result, it’s fitting to create several product tiers that will fit in to the most modest budgets. If your products usually hang around the $20 range, for example, you should think about bundling products together to work a gift package angle that will move people to buy more. Then again, if you own a service company with high pricing, you should make sell your service with a yearlong offer. The benefits come in two ways: It allows you to offer a lower price structure, and it creates a long-term relationship with your customers.

So, if you’re worried about the recession this holiday season, don’t let it get the best of you. There’s plenty of time to strategize so you end the year with a big smile on your face.