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    1. DropshipDiva is offline

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      Essential Email Marketing Tips - Dos And Don’ts In Email Marketing

      Emails are perhaps the most personal medium for advertising. For business-business marketing, whoever you wish to reach out to invariably has access to emails. This medium is largely inexpensive and powerful and can be easily built into marketing systems. Building a solid email marketing program will ensure repeated communication with clients who would not forget you. For this reason, your emails must sound interesting and appealing so that in the process they can successfully boost your sales. Follow these tips to build a great email subscriber family that can help your business to grow in years to come.

      Email marketing tips:

      1. Most Internet service providers use spam protection devices to pick up unsolicited emails before they can make their way into a customer’s inbox. Filters rank every mail on the basis of some criteria and when this overshoots a certain limit the mail gets flagged as spam. So when you want to use emails for marketing campaigns make sure not to use words like “free” or “save” in the subject line or in the mail body.

      2. When you send non-newsletter emails remember to have only one message for every mail sent because the richer the information content of that mail, the more likely it is to grab the viewer’s attention.

      3. Avoid too many images and graphics in your email message because that distracts the subscriber. Include links in blue and bold fonts to catch the viewer’s eye so that he can click on that link and visit your site to avail of any special offers.

      4. When addressing your client, try and address him by using his first name because this gesture showing personal attention can help record better sales.

      5. When you want to add more subscribers to your mailing list remember to give them the option to “unsubscribe” if need be. This link will allow the client to stop receiving mails from you when he no longer wishes to, and giving him the freedom to do so will actually invite him to join your site.

      6. Have the confirmation email sent to your client once he signs up on your site to receive emails. This is beneficial because that mail will then have a link to your marketing program to verify that the user had indeed signed up.

      7. When you run a newsletter you must ensure that its look and feel is consistent in every issue that comes out. This helps to consolidate the brand image in the client’s eyes.

      8. Remember to send emails to your subscribers on a certain designated day of the week and at a certain prefixed time. This will ensure that your regular customers “expect” your mails to enter their inboxes at that time. This helps to ensure better responses.

      9. Incidentally Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to send out emails because people tend to be more responsive on these days as compared to others. The likelihood of reading the mail contents and clicking on given links are greater on such days as research shows.

      10. Since you have barely less than a second to read the subject line of an email, it must be catchy enough; else the subscriber will ignore or delete that mail. Ideally advertise a benefit that the subscriber can enjoy by reading your mail to get him interested enough to visit your website.

      11. Make sure that the preview is catchy enough for the customer to feel tempted to read on through the rest of the mail content.

      12. Create autoresponder emails to follow up and provide your subscribers with additional information related to your goods and services. These autoresponders must be sent at regular intervals once you have new subscribers. They could contain a thank you message or a link to some special offer or any privilege that they get to enjoy on becoming a member.

      13. Although “free” is not likely to draw customers you can definitely create a product like a discount coupon that you can gift to your subscribers for free when they sign up.

      14. Experiment with images and text positions in the email before sending them out. This will help you attract the most clicks and automatically record higher sales.

      15. Remember to include a signature when you end the email because this is bound to attract more traffic since it will contain all contact details and possibly a link to the website.

      16. Always try to incorporate the newsletter subscription form on the main page itself and link it with all other pages.

      17. Ensure that your emails can be read by the target audience from their mobile sets. Take care to see that emails look as good and as appealing on the customer’s smart phones.

      18. Avoid sending out mails just for the sake of sending them. Make sure you have something constructive to say like tips or advice or sales promotions that are likely to interest them. Whatever it is that is of value must be explicitly mentioned upfront or at the beginning with perhaps a link given for the subscriber to get additional details.

      19. Try to keep the tone of the email soft and persuasive intending to help customers and not forcing them to buy something you are selling!

      20. Most significantly, proofread your email draft by checking for spelling and grammatical errors and sending it first to your colleagues and friends to get an unbiased opinion.

      Customer relationships take ages to build and if you fail to communicate with your clients regularly, chances are that they will soon find other vendors for their business. Emails are meant to generate expectations amongst clients and keep them coming back to you for further business. Research suggests that the initial couple of emails are the most critical wherein the customer actually decides whether he wants to sign up for more. Emails are like narrating stories in installments and email marketing tips can help you do just that in the most effective way!
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    2. mandytam87 is offline

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      Apr 2013
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      What a wonderful post! Thank you for the info! I am actually just starting up an online- retail store based in Canada and this was very helpful.
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