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      E-Mail Marketing Tips

      E-mails are one of the most effective and fastest ways to market your company. However, with so many businesses using this as their primary communication method, there is a lot of competition. The following tips, therefore, provide an effective way in which to give your e-mail a fighting chance to be read.

      Initial Contact

      Before contacting a business, make sure that they are willing to receive your e-mails. If they do not recognize you, then there is a high chance they could list you as spam. The ultimate repercussion of this is that, if a high number of recipients label you as such, then ISPs could eventually blacklist you. Permission can be sought in a number of ways, including offering special deals in the first e-mail, sign ups at conventions, writing by snail mail, or through a business network.

      E-mail Etiquette

      When establishing contact, the initial three e-mails are considered the most crucial. In the first, introduce your business then ascertain if they desire further communication. In the second, convey the benefits of continuing to receive future e-mails. Then, in the third, deliver this benefit.

      Make sure you e-mail on a regular basis: It is thought that it takes at least twenty messages to create an impression, so once a month would not be sufficient. By e-mailing regularly, you can create a story through installments, which can be followed by your client, making them more likely to continue to read your messages.

      Be Succinct

      Know beforehand what effect you want to achieve through your e-mails. If you have one message you would like to convey, then make sure you get this across in as succinct a way as possible. Ensure that you communicate your main point not only in the subject but also in the first lines of the e-mail body. So, even if the recipient skims your message, they can still easily appreciate what it is you wish to get across. This is especially relevant when you are providing instructions. Even in the case of newsletters, which generally contain more information, make sure to condense your points to create an easy-to-read format.

      The subject line is of particular importance. Many recipients judge whether they will bother opening an e-mail solely on this. Specify the content of the e-mail in up to fifty characters and avoid using capitals, superfluous exclamation marks, or promotional jargon. Likewise, your e-mail address should clearly indicate who you are: This way, your recipient will know automatically and be more likely to trust you as a business.


      If the e-mail includes the name of the recipient, it is far more likely that they will take the time to read it more carefully. By viewing it as relevant to them, they will thereby see it as more important. This can easily be achieved by using mail merge software.


      By customizing your e-mail template, you can make your messages represent your company more clearly. Continued use will ensure that your recipient immediately recognizes you as the sender, and in turn, this creates a deeper trust in you as a business. Also, the extra effort will be acknowledged and reflect the diligence of your company.

      However, if you choose to use HTML, it is better to do so as a link. Certain companies may only be able to view plain text, especially if they check their in-boxes via text-only devices. Furthermore, sensitive filters may block your e-mails if too many graphics are included. In this case, it is advisable to provide a link to your website. Assess how it will be received by sending test e-mails to different providers.

      If it is vital to include images, then ensure the message is still applicable if the graphics do not work. Also, be aware that more often than not, if an image needs to be downloaded from the Internet, the e-mail will be blocked out.

      Do not be afraid to experiment with a range of styles and monitor their reception. This way, you can gauge which format is the most successful and ensure that it does not end up being filtered.

      Avoid Blockage

      There are a number of ways you can prevent being automatically filed
      As spam:

      • In your subject line, avoid capital letters and words regularly used by spam e-mails, for example, free and money.

      • Avoid using graphics that need to be downloaded from the Internet or HTML coding.

      • Do not e-mail in excess.

      Asking your recipients to white-list you is a good way to ensure that your e-mails do not end up as spam. It is also important to be aware of your own e-mail provider. In an attempt to stop spam, some prevent the user from sending out over a certain number of e-mails in a particular time period. If you exceed this, it may result in the suspension of your account.

      Mailing Lists

      Including a subscribe option in your e-mails is positive on a number of levels. Firstly, it allows the client to feel they have control. It will only reflect negatively on you as a company if you continue to communicate with someone who no longer wishes to receive your e-mails or if they list blacklist you. Secondly, if they forward your message on, this second party has the option to sign up to your mailing list and receive your e-mails directly.

      If an e-mail bounces, try again before deleting it from your database. It does not necessarily mean that the address is incorrect, and it would be worth attempting again.

      E-mails are the most popular form of communication, but it is important to be aware that the medium is easily abused. By maintaining good marketing skills, you can ensure that your messages get read instead of ending up as spam.
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      angel meera (22 Feb 2014)

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