As social media sites are progressing rapidly I would like to share disadvantages of Social media sites for society & businesses;

• They give hackers an opportunity to steal and misuse personal information, especially if users don’t correctly install privacy filters. And even with those safeguards, posted information is never fully secure.

• Online interaction can become a substitute for actual meetings, which can hurt social development and isolate users.

• They destroy marriages by providing covert connections with others that lead to infidelity.

• They waste time, especially for those who compulsively check or update them. For employers that means lost productivity.

• They let bullies spread destructive information, photos or lies about others.

• They allow unscrupulous people to misrepresent themselves, take advantage of others or spread false news.

• They can be costly to those who post regrettable information or photos that are discovered by colleagues or prospective employers. Once information goes online, it never goes away.

• They bring out the nastiest conversation; because participants feel anonymous, or at least have some distance from those they are insulting.

• They cause users to spend less time outdoors and to be less active.