I know plenty of small businesses that are mixed up about their marketing message. A couple believes their slogan is the key and others believe itís a constant ego trip of all their accomplishments, and how long theyíve been in business. Still businesses believe itís their statement or company vision. The truth of it all is that itís none of the above.

Your message should pull in peopleís attention, explaining how you can solve their problems, why they should believe in you, and why they should buy from you and above all the other choices they might have. The message you broadcast should speak to your customerís soul. This is accomplished by playing on their natural instincts or those sensitive topics that sparks an emotional reaction.

Here are some points to think about in your next marketing crusade.

Know who they are
Who are your customers? Once you know who they are then itís easier to create messages that appeals to that demographic. Every winning business knows their customer, even if they know about it or not. Even the local Subway has a specific market, which are all the middle class people living within a five mile radius of their store.

Look for problems
The next thing to do is to ask yourself, ďWhat are my customerís problems and how does it make their life hard?Ē Each person experiences their own fears and pains. The key to creating a unique marketing message is to make the customer perk their ears and recognize the problem and the fear and pain they experience as an end result of their issues. Let them know you recognize their fear and pain, and that you empathize with all of them.

Offer a solution
Offer a solution as an easy fix to make their fears go away. This is a very important step that most forget, unless they feel like it must be done. Now, look for all the benefits and how those benefits will make lives easier and take away all the negativity they experience.

Show your results
Itís never enough to tell people you have all the solutions in the universe; you must prove that it really works. And you can ramble on and on about this and that, but people, out of fear, remain skeptical and will never automatically believe you. Youíll need to show your results by offering testimonials from existing customers and give specific examples of real problems you solved and the exact results that were achieved.

Explain why youíre different
You must explain your eccentricity. Customers are looking for you to talk about youíre differences. And those need to be seen as generous value to the customer. It must be something they really care about.

I have given you some ideas for creating a moving message. Your messages should be used in all your communications. It must begin with the natural instincts of the human being (fears, loves, needs, wants, etc.) and ends with a message that speaks to their soul in an unbelievable way. The end result of this movement will make them want even more.