You should already know that regularly posting to your companyís blog is essential in todayís digital age. Company blogs are a great way to bring in more traffic to your site, build credibility within your industry, and even form personal connections with your audience. But simply writing for your blog isnít nearly enough.

If you want to have all the perks, and much, much more, you have to market the hell out of it. There are millions of blogs on the net, but only a few actually subscribes to them. If youíre not taking proactive steps to get your own blog out there, save yourself the time and energy of even having one in the first place.

You know itís going to take more than just uploading a couple of posts and publishing them. There are hundreds of tweaks you can do to make your blog more your own style in the land of Internet, a few even doing the same thing as you.

Keep these tips in mind if you want people to remember your companyís blog:

ē Let the people feel you, by talking to them like a best friend, and be open about who you are as a person.

ē Make it lively. People donít want to read something thatís bland and boring, so feel free to add some of your own comedic quips here and there to spark conversation.

ē Write about a topic thatís highly debatable, supportive, or informational that your audience feels like itís a must to share your blog post with their social network.

ē Always stay true to who you are as a person.

ē Add some facts to your posts, so donít go easy on them, and donít forget about common sense and life tips that everyone can use. If you offer something of value, people will come back, as well as brining a couple of their friends with them.

ē Have the courage to take a stand against a common enemy. Poking jabs at a competitor is alright, but itís better if you attack their old-fashioned ideas.

ē Form personal connections with some of your readers and encourage them to partake in the activities. You can accomplish this feat by asking your readers thought provoking questions, turning on comments, and replying back to them as soon as you can.

ē Keep your blog fresh. Blogs have a certain amount of time before they get old, and you have a purpose to keep it alive. If the content feels meh, people wonít have the motivation to visit again.

ē Stick to your niche, which is what you should be doing anyway, and then use your writing to become the best in your field.

The more you help your readers, the more likely youíll be a success. People donít want to spend their time reading something that is old, robotic or mind-numbing. It doesnít matter if itís a company blog, people just want the ideas and the personality you attach to it, and so they feel more comfortable soaking in the knowledge.

Blogging for your business is always a smart move, but only if you stick to your guns to keeps it going in the long run. If you only give it 10 percent, your blog will fall behind to the evolving nature of the Internet, and that doesnít help your business at all.