You could say that I am a casual user of YouTube. I am not an elite guru on YouTubism, but I dug around to help me explain what it takes to make your small business memorable in the minds of customers.

Give value
The very first thing you have to do is make your videos valuable to your viewers. Value should come in four different ways:
YouTube has produced many encouraging stories of balls and chutzpah. Example: YouTube - AsaliJohnson's Channel, a young woman who is a C5 quadriplegic.

It is something closely alike to what you would watch on The History Channel or PBS. Example: YouTube - BBC-Dangerous Knowledge (Part 1-10), a documentary about mathematicians who went insane and eventually killed themselves.

There are videos that are bland and absolutely funny. Example: YouTube - 4Chan And Then Some, a clip that features famous memes from 4chan.

How-to videos teach you how to do great things and use products you never even heard of. Example: YouTube - How To Pick a Lock, the title is pretty obvious.
Another point to consider: The objective of several companies is to create a “viral video.” The kind of video that brings millions of viewers in a short amount of time such as the Old Spice commercials. This is what every company wishes they would have created.

But do not follow in their footsteps. The truth about any viral video is that they were flukes, and that is not a strategy you should work on. The foundation of a hit video is to offer a consistent dose of the four types of value listed above, which over a period of time brings in millions of people.

Get to the point.
Another thing to consider is that nearly every hit video is to the point. You only have about ten seconds before a viewer clicks on something else. The usual video posts will not be mesmerizing, so watch a couple of popular ones if you are not familiar with the flow of things. “Hahaha” is 1:40 long. “The Sneezing Baby Panda” is only 0:17 long.

Insightful videos are the only ones that do not include this rule, but the point is clear: create videos that get to the point.

The YouTube community does not sit at their computers every evening watching every single minute of every new video upload every day. You can see for yourself by visiting the “Insight” channel. They will show you how to break down the views your videos are bringing in, who is watching them, and where they are from.

Embrace Discoverability
Assuming that you offer four kinds of value in a “get to the point” format, you now have to do three more things to woo the YouTube community in your direction:

First, let people discover your videos. The number of YouTube searches rivals that of Google. Here are some more tips to help you stand out from the crowd:
The right keywords will push your videos in front of the right viewer. If you need help deciding which keywords to use, click on the “auto-fill” menu on YouTube. You can also jot down keywords that other people have used for related content and use them too. Moreover, I would advise you to make good use of YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool.

Now that you have thought of relevant keyword ideas, be sure that your videos are also titled with these words. This will give you a greater chance of it ranking high in search queries and Related Videos. If you want to add your own company name in the title, you should put it last.

After YouTube has finished uploading your video, it creates three video thumbnails. You can choose one as your main video picture. Pick the one that seems interesting. And know that thumbnails that are risqu, brutal, or explicit may cause your video to be taken down by YouTube.
Second, let people share your content as much as possible. YouTube offers three great ways to get the word out: embedding, sharing links, and emailing links.

Third, form a personal relationship and solid reputation on YouTube. This will guarantee that more people will watch your videos. You can achieve this by leaving enlightening, valuable, or witty comments on other videos and becoming a part of several YouTube groups. This out there visibility will bring more people to your channel.

Lastly, you can implement the use of Google Moderator on your YouTube page. This is a digital podium that lets you asks questions on any subject, and have the world vote on the best ideas.