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Thread: The Art Of Free

    1. wholesaleinsight's Avatar
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      Oct 2009
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      The Art Of Free

      We all know that publicity is great for any business (and not paying a dime is heck of a lot better). As we all know, publicity:

      Makes people talk about your business
      • Brands you as a known expert
      • Increase your unique page views
      • Adds to your subscription base
      • Increases sales
      • Increases awarenes
      • Gives you authenticity and credibility

      But lets come back to the topic at hand, the pros are a major hit to a small businesses bank account.
      Youre better off vying for free publicity at no cost at all. Yes, you can do it. All you need is a little bit of ingenuity and a burning desire to make it happen.

      Here are some ideas to get you going on the right path.

      Its all about placement

      What was the latest movie youve seen? Do you remember seeing your favorite products in that movie?
      That neat trick is a thing called product placement and you can get your own brand out there, too.

      You can send a message to all the big names in Hollywood who might be looking to use a certain image in their work apparel, fashion accessories, energy drinks, etc. Just pitch your heart out to them and hope for the best.

      Social networking

      Day after day, major media companies are using Facebook and Twitter to gain valuable information about what people have to say about their latest project. Is their new sitcom or big budget movie youre impatiently waiting to see? I bet you can find them on Facebook and Twitter, and after you add them, youll be one step closer to getting your brand known to them.

      Know what the pros know

      Do you know what an editorial calendar is? It covers all the upcoming features for a magazine or newspaper. Its used by their ad department to sell page space, but you can use it to your advantage to get yourself featured in their publication.

      Dont know where to find editorial calendars? Head to a leading magazines website and look for something that says Advertising most likely at the very bottom of their site. Click around and youll come across something that covers their ad rates, opening dates, and editorial calendars. Try to download their editorial calendar and begin the task of finding opportunities to get your brand featured.

      Become actively involved

      Get your brand known by a new group of people by becoming actively involved in their blog discussions.

      Even sending a couple of e-mails to see if theyll let you guest write for them works.

      Press releases are still relevant

      Dont listen to what the rest say, press releases still work. Writing and marketing yourself to talk about big news, new products, new services, still helps to get you noticed by new media.

      Remember, publicity is a great way to generate more business. Now that you see its effects, there are several ways to go about at no cost. So what are you waiting for? Christmas?
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      This is the Service You Need.

    2. jocor is offline

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      May 2011
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      United Kingdom
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      Free is a great way to get a BUZZ around your site, it is seriously worth considering to give your business an online boost.

      I am planning some FREE stuff to give a boost to my online presence.
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

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